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Raising another man’s child

One of the most unknown and unspoken statistics may be the stat that many men in Britain and around the world are raising another man’s child or children and they do not even know it. Recently, a study was performed published out of Britain that specifically discussed this particular issue.

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1 in 50 British men are unknowingly raising a child which isn’t theirs, research suggests

  1. according to a new study out of Britain,  1 in 50 men are found to raise another man’s child unknowingly. these numbers are said to be much lower than the original which was delete to be 10percent of the  British population. the new study States the number is more like 1-2 percent.

Dramatic revelations about parentage might be staples of salacious soap operas and reality TV shows, but new research has suggested that unknowingly bringing up a child who isnt yours is much more common than you might think.

1 in 50 British fathers may be unwittingly raising a child which isnt their biological offspring, the study suggests.

Researchers at Leuven University in Belgium said that they decided to conduct the first ever in-depth study after being surprised and intrigued to learn that the issue has received little serious scientific consideration, despite being a concern felt by many men. The study has been published in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution. Read the full article weird.