How IVF Treatment Can Affect Couples From Acquiring A Visa

Best Options For IVF Mix-Up Prevention

  There are many things for families going through the immigration process need to ponder, but there is one thing that some couples will have to add to their list when petitioning for their child. What I am referring to is In-Vitro Fertilization Treatment aka IVF Treatment. How can IVF affect your family’s ability to […]

What You Need To Know About Sperm Donor Rights

Do Sperm Donors Have Legal Right For Paternity? Sperm donation is a hot button topic that has not garnered enough attention in the media. The importance for men who want to donate sperm to know their legal rights as it pertains to the state in which they live is more important than ever. Failure to [...]

USCIS Sibling DNA Test Changes

dna testing

This video describes the recent amendment to USCIS’ handling of sibling DNA testing for immigration DNA testing purposes. USCIS Sibling DNA Testing Update: Sibling to Sibling DNA tests may not be used to show relatedness. Siblingship DNA test may show an apparent lack of relationship even if the individuals are full siblings. Because of the […]