DNA Test New York

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NEW YORK DNA TESTING If you are looking for fast, accurate and affordable local DNA Paternity Testing services performed an AABB Accredited Laboratory in New York City.Please allow I.D.T.O’s DNA Testing services to help you with your family’s DNA Relationship Testing needs today. Some of the services we provide are Immigration DNA Testing, DNA Paternity […]

IDTO’s Paternity Test Tuesday

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Getting a paternity test performed is now simpler than ever. IDTO provides a fast, accurate and affordable DNA Testing service which is aimed at providing high-quality service. IDTO DNA Testing Experts also takes pride in being able to communicate to customers at the highest level. What this basically means is, we are dedicated to making […]

U.S. Embassy DNA Testing Ghana

US Embassy DNA Testing Ghana IDTO assists families who are in need of US Embassy DNA Testing services in Ghana and for Ghanian families residing here in the United States. IDTO understands that families going through immigration process are currently going through a very stressful and elongated process. This is why our process was designed to […]