DNA Immigration Testing in Pakistan

TAP TO CALL Immigration DNA Testing In Pakistan CALL 877-680-5800 FOR APPOINTMENTS Pakistan DNA Testing For Immigration Purposes Process: The petitioner will receive a letter or email from USCIS, Embassy or Passport Agency requesting your family to provide additional proof of a biological relationship. After receipt of your request letter, You may contact our office […]

DNA Testing India for Immigration Purposes

CALL 877-680-5800 FOR APPOINTMENTS DNA Testing in India For Immigration Purposes IDTO helps assist Indian families who are in need of providing additional proof of a biological relationship when not enough evidence has been provided to immigration. Below are is a brief overview of what your family expect when going through the DNA testing process […]

DNA Testing for Social Security Death Benefits

TAP TO CALL How To Establish Paternity When Father Is Deceased? CALL 877-680-5800 FOR APPOINTMENTS DNA Testing for social security benefits Going through the process of acquiring social security benefits for a child of a deceased parent can sometimes be a stressful process. Today, we will do our best to provide you with the latest […]