Paternity Test For Child Support

TAP TO CALL Paternity Test For Child Support What you need you know: When a mother and an alleged father have differences about the paternity of a child. Often times their dispute will end up in front of a judge to help determine paternity if both parties are unable to work together privately without the […]

How To Read Paternity Test Result

TAP TO CALL How To Read A Paternity Test CALL 877-680-5800 FOR APPOINTMENTS How to read a DNA Test result? Reading a paternity test results can be a very very hard thing to do especially if you don’t understand what the numbers on the result actually means. Today, we’re going to delve in a little bit […]

DNA Testing For Immigrant Visa

TAP TO CALL DNA Testing For Immigrant Visa CALL 877-680-5800 FOR APPOINTMENTS DNA test for immigration visa Dear petitioner, Did you recently receive a correspondence letter from a U.S. Embassy official requesting your family submit additional proof of your claimed biological relationship with your child, parent or sibling? If you answered yes. Please allow IDTO […]