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Is this you? Did you or, someone you know or, maybe your attorney recently receive paperwork from a USCIS service center, Passport Agency or U.S. Embassy requesting your family to submit proof of a biological relationship between two or more of your family members? If you answered YES to this question. It is important that you and your family respond to this Office Actions immediately. Immigration normally requires families to respond in most instances within 84 days from the date of the correspondence your family received.

IDTO has provided the AABB DNA immigration test services for over ten years to immigrant families nationwide. Our Expert Immigration DNA Testing professionals will help guide your family through the entire process. Helping your family to remain compliant with immigration guidelines for DNA  testing evidence submission.

What you can expect from our service:
  • We offer expert DNA testing services at low prices.
  • We offer a full range of DNA testing services using AABB Certified DNA testing laboratories to verify family relationships.
  • Our testing is binding proof to all paternity and immigration DNA testing needs.
  • All results are presented as notarized documents in a clear, concise form, are court admissible, with 99.9% accuracy (or greater) and AABB certified.
  • Home DNA kit results are NOT Legally Binding and once all hidden costs are added, our prices will still be lower.
  • Collection kits, photography and fingerprinting all included in our price. There are no hidden costs or additional charges.
  • No Referrals necessary!
  • Open every Saturdays by Appointment (Mobile Service Only).
  • Easily reached from all other boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island), Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
  • Mobile service is also available Monday thru Friday (Call 877-680-5800) to learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process of immigration DNA Testing work?

The process of immigration DNA testing occurs when USCIS or the embassy requires proof of a relationship between parents and children. In the event a family a can not provide sufficient evidence like medical records, birth record etc, then a DNA test may be your best option to provide proof of relationship.

It is also important to note, that USCIS offers DNA testing as an option and not a requirement. Many families are under the illusion that performing a DNA test on their own without being offered by USCIS the option to attain a DNA test.

It is our experience that our clients have received the highest success rates of acceptance when they allow USCIS and/or the embassy to request DNA Testing for their family. To learn more about this process or to get started today please contact one our DNA Specialists at 877-680-5800.

What is the AABB Accredited DNA Testing 3 Step Process?

Step 1.

  • Once your family has received their request for evidence from a USCIS center or Embassy contact one of our Immigration DNA Relationship Testing Professionals and they will walk you through your document submission, pricing, and the DNA sample collection process.

Step 2.

  • Once we acquire the necessary details and documentation IDTO laboratory ship your family DNA request for sample collection to your respective country.

When your family’s samples collection is complete. The samples will be shipped back to our lab for testing. The average turnaround time for DNA testing on average is 6-8 weeks.

The above description does not apply to family’s where all parties are here in the U.S. Turnaround times for domestic DNA testing is 48-72 hours.

Step 3

  • The final is the completion of the results. IDTO is responsible for providing the ship of your results to the requesting USCIS center or embassy. We are also responsible for shipment of the results to your family.

Is my test performed by an AABB Accredited DNA Testing Laboratory?

Yes. All tests are performed by an AABB DNA Lab. For questions about our process or to schedule an appointment please contact one of our DNA Relationship testing Specialist today at 877-680-5800.

How much do AABB DNA Testing services cost?

Domestic DNA Testing for alleged father and child(paternity)/ mother and child (maternity) begin at $395.00. Please contact us for pricing on additional person fees at 877-680-5800.International DNA Testing prices do vary depending on the country. Please contact one of DNA testing Specialists to get more detail about your country today.

Note: Sample collection fees are not included in the price of the DNA test.

Are my DNA Results NYS Compliant?

Yes. When searching for AABB accredited DNA testing services in NYS it is important to note that there is more than one accreditation needed in order to have your DNA test completed correctly.

New York State Health Dept accreditations for DNA testing laboratories are required in order to perform DNA testing in NYS. The AABB accreditation does not supersede NYSDOH accreditation in New York.

What this basically means is, a lab can be AABB accredited but will legally not be able to coordinate and execute a family’s DNA sample collection within NYS if the lab is nor recognized by the NYS Dept of Health. All DNA samples collected by IDTO DNA Testing Center are tested by an NYSDOH Accredited Laboratory.

If you would like to learn more about this process please contact one of our DNA Relationship Testing Specialist today at 877-680-5800.