Aunt or Uncle Avuncular DNA Testing
Aunt or Uncle Avuncular DNA Testing – Nationwide Services

Aunt or Uncle Avuncular DNA Testing is test we offer that provides uncles and/or aunts to be tested with nieces and/or nephews. This test is offered for personal and legal scenarios.

Please note; Paternity and maternity testing will be preferred over avuncular dna testing but, if the biological parents are not an option avuncular testing is a great option. To learn more about another dna testing option if avuncular dna testing does not work for your family click here.

What Does Avuncular Mean?

Avuncular is term that has it’s origins from Greece. Avuncular means : 1789, from Latin avunculus “maternal uncle,” diminutive of avus (see uncle) + -ar. Used humorously for “of a pawnbroker” (uncle was slang for “pawnbroker” from c.1600 through 19c.).

How Long Does  Avuncular DNA Testing Take?

The turnaround time for avuncular DNA Testing is 3-5 business.

Samples for Aunt or Uncle DNA Testing (avuncular DNA testing) are collected the same way as most dna relationship tests are collected today with cotton swabs. This provides an easy way to acquire samples.


aunt or uncle DNA testing

We have been a provider of DNA relationship testing services  for over ten years to communities nationwide.  Our trained professionals will walk you through the entire process to make sure we find one convenient locations in your town.


All tests are performed by an AABB accredited lab. For residents of the state of New York please note that our lab is New York State Health Dept (NYSDOH). accredited making sure your results are compliant with all legal scenarios in the state of New York.


Scheduling appointments could not be any easier. IDTO’s DNA testing professionals  are equipped to answer your questions, concerns and/or  setup your DNA sample collections appointments at convenient location.


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