Is Legal Sibling DNA Testing Possible?

TAP TO CALL Is A Legal Sibling DNA Test Possible? CALL 877-680-5800 FOR AN APPOINTMENT Can a sibling DNA test be used for legal purposes? Yes. Sibling DNA tests are often used for the purposes of providing proof of a biological relationship for immigration (USCIS or U.S. Embassy) to acquire a visa. Siblingship DNA tests […]

Half Sibling DNA Testing Accuracy

TAP TO CALL Half Sibling DNA Testing Accuracy CALL 877-680-5800 FOR APPOINTMENTS Are half-sibling DNA tests accurate? This is a good question that is asked by many people. However, the real question is not how accurate are they but, How good is the prediction of half-siblingship? The laboratory work is accurate – there are many […]

DNA Swab Testing

TAP TO CALL DNA Swab Testing: Is It The Best Option? CALL 877-680-5800 FOR APPOINTMENTS Is a DNA swab test the best option for you? Many people who consider performing a paternity test often ask the question. Which sample collection option is best for me? There is no definitive answer to this question because the […]