DNA tests in elizabeth nj

IDTO DNA Paternity testing services have serve Elizabeth residents since 2004. We have the most experienced DNA sample collection technicians in New Jersey. Our DNA services are fast, accurate and affordable.

What is paternity testing for Elizabeth residents?

A legal paternity test is a relationship test used to help establish a biological relationship between an alleged biological father and a child. All paternity DNA tests are legal chain of custody tests which means your results are court admissible and can be used any other legal purpose.

Paternity DNA Testing in Elizabeth, NJ

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Court Admissible

All DNA testing options we provide are court admissible and confidential.


All DNA services we provide are performed by our partner AABB accredited laboratory.

What method of DNA sample collection will be used?

The method of DNA specimen collection is a buccal cheek swab. The swab will be placed inside of the mouth and brush against the cheek on both the left and right side.

Blood samples is another viable DNA collection option that has the same accuracy as a buccal swab collections. Cheek swabs are preferred because this collection method is non-invasive, painless and less cost-effective.

Additional Elizabeth DNA Testing Services

Immigration DNA Testing NJ

Immigration DNA testing for Elizabeth residents are performed when a petitioner submits an Immigrant visa application with insufficient evidence to an immigration office like USCIS or a U.S. embassy or a U.S. consulate.

Relationship Testing Options

USICS may suggest a genetic test be performed are parent (father or mother) and child, between siblings (full or half), and grandparent and grandchild. DNA testing for immigration purposes is voluntary.

DNA Results Acceptance

DNA Results are recognized by USCIS, U.S. embassy and U.S. consulates worldwide.

The cost of DNA testing for immigration purposes starts at $525.00 and up. Contact our office at 973-718-4515 to get started.

Sibling Testing

A sibling DNA test will evaluate the connection between two or more people to determine if they are biologically related as full or half siblings. This test is performed when one or both biological parents are unavailable to be tested.

The cost of Sibling DNA testing for starts at $475.00 and up. Contact our office at 973-718-4515 to get started.

Grandparent Testing

Grandparentage testing compares the DNA between a grandparent and grandchild to scientifically determine if they share the biological relationship claimed.

The cost of Grandparent DNA testing starts at $499.99 and up. Contact our office at 973-718-4515 to get started.

(Aunt/Uncle) Avuncular Testing

An Avuncular test compares the DNA of the child to that of the supposed paternal aunt/uncle to determine if they share enough genetic markers to indicate a biological relationship.

The cost of Avuncular DNA testing starts at $475.00 and up. Contact our office at 973-718-4515 to get started.

Maternity Testing

Maternity testing is a genetic test that compares a child’s DNA profile to that of a woman to scientifically determine if she is the biological mother.

Y Chromosome Test

A Y chromosome DNA test analyzes specific genetic markers passed down the direct male line. Comparing Y chromosome DNA between two or more males can scientifically determine if they share a biological relationship through common paternal ancestry.

When will I receive my DNA results for Elizabeth NJ?

The average turnaround time to receive paternity testing results is 2 to 3 busing days from the date the lab receives all genetic samples. After your results a copy of your paternity results will be mailed to your home.

Does IDTO offer a Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test in NJ?

Currently, IDTO DNA testing NJ services do not offer (NIPP) Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing Services.

Although we do not offer NIPP testing, we can perform a DNA test with a newborn baby shortly after birth.