dna testing KEARNY nj

dna testing kearny nj

Kearny NJ Paternity Testing Services

DNA Testing Kearny, NJ is now easier and efficient for Kearny residents. IDTO DNA Testing Center has provided 13 plus years of DNA Testing services to thousands of families throughout the entire state of New Jersey.

Important note: All legal DNA Testing services are performed with our partner accredited AABB laboratory to conduct legal chain of custody testing for the purposes such as child support, birth certificate name change, and immigration DNA testing.

How To Schedule DNA Testing Appointment:

Scheduling an appointment is simple. Call 973-718-4515 to schedule an appointment today. We have DNA sample collection sites in our network for easy appointment setup. In the event, you are unable to travel. We also provide mobile collection services where your DNA samples can be collected in the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you deem private. Home collections apply to both legal and non-legal cases.


Paternity Testing

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Immigration DNA Testing

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Sibling DNA Testing

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Maternity Testing

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