DNA Testing Nigeria

DNA Testing Nigeria

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AABB Immigration DNA Testing for Nigeria families are now extremely easy and convenient. IDTO has provided AABB immigration DNA testing services for families nationwide since 2004.

All tests are performed by an AABB  Accredited Parentage Laboratory and New York State Dept of Health (NYSDOH) accredited lab. To learn more or if you should have any questions about this process please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-680-5800.

Immigration DNA Testing in Nigeria can only occur if your family is given the option for Relationship Testing  by an embassy or USCIS.  Families who have received the necessary paperwork can begin the process of providing proof of biological relationship.

Nigeria Immigration Paternity Test Turnaround Times

There is no set time for how long testing will take to be completed. The average turnaround time for IDTO Nigerian cases is anywhere between 6-8 weeks on average. Again, the times mentioned are averages times and should not be taken as the normal turnaround times.  The important thing to note is, the embassy in Nigeria is responsible for coordinating all appointments. Therefore it is the embassy who will dictate how long the process will be for your family.

For more information about how to conduct an Immigration DNA Relationship Test for your family in Nigeria. Please contact one of Relationship Experts today at 877-680-5800 to help assist your family with this process.

 How Long  Are Results For a Domestic an Immigration Paternity Test?

Results for a paternity DNA  test normally take anywhere from 48-72 hrs. This is predicated on when  all of the samples of the parties involved with the DNA test samples arrival at our lab’s facility.

(Domestic Tests are when all parties are located here in the U.S.)

Here is something to note, shipped samples to the lab are the responsibility of the shipping carrier i.e. Fedex, UPS or DHL. It is important to note that inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances may and can occur with the shipping carrier. In the event, this is the case. The case manager assigned to your case will contact you about the issue and let you know if this will affect the timing of your results.

Is Paternity DNA Testing Covered By Insurance For Nigeria Immigrant Families?

Normally, no.  What clients and potential clients may want to explore is reaching  out your to insurance company to see if they accept AABB  Immigration Paternity Testing under their plan. If so, you would be required to pay the full price of the paternity test upfront. Then you will have to submit your receipt to the insurance company so you can be reimbursed.