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W Bronx NY Paternity Testing Services

Are you in need of paternity testing to help you establish paternity for child support for child custody, birth certificate name changes, or for evidence submission for immigration purposes?  If you answered yes. IDTO is considered the most reliable DNA relationship testing company by legal and medical professionals since 2004.

Please note, New York State residents who perform DNA testing services in NYS are required to have one of the following items to perform a DNA Test.

  1. A prescription from NYS licensed doctor
  2. A court order from a judge
  3. a letter from NYS licensed attorney.

To learn more about scheduling an appointment. Please contact our office today at 347-735-5490 to get started.

How To Get Started:

Getting started is simple. Just contact our office today at 347-735-5490 and allow one of our DNA testing representatives the opportunity to help you coordinate an appointment for you at your convenience. All DNA  sample collection appointments are performed by appointment only.

DNA Family Relationship Services:

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