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on 29, Nov 2016
Thank you! We appreciate the excellent service you provided. Your attention to detail, great communication skills, and fast service was even better than we expected. We look forward to working with you in the future.
on 29, Nov 2016
The DNA Process went pretty much the way it was explained except for my results were a day latter than I was told. But the service was professional and the office was clean.
Adjei Morris
on 11, Nov 2016
Thank you Mr. Harvey for all of your help. I would make sure tell anyone I know about your service.
on 10, Nov 2016
Very professional service. Thank you for helping mi family
J. Bailey
on 28, Oct 2016
I received my DNA test results in timely fashion. Great company
P. Carlot
on 29, Oct 2016
Friendly and professional customer service. Staff was very, very helpful.
on 30, Nov 2016
Mr. Harvey thank you very much. I have received the DNA Test results from my email and thanks again for good work
A. Odae
on 14, Nov 2016
Thanks for helping my family. I will contact you soon again for my son. Give Thanks
on 16, Dec 2016
Thanks for your assistance with this matter. I was so worried when I received the request for DNA, however you guys made the process so easy. I will definitely recommend your services to others. Thanks again!
D. Brown
on 10, Jan 2017
Thank you for your great service I love the fact that you came out right away the same day I would highly recommend this to anyone.
N. Dukes
on 17, Feb 2017
God Bless you and you have a good DNA testing service. I trust you. When my husband has to do the test again we contact you. Thank you and may god bless you.
Mrs Wague
on 17, Feb 2017
Good job, your service is fast. I will recommend your service to anyone needing a DNA test. Good Job
on 17, Feb 2017
Your immigration DNA service is excellent. I just referred someone to your service. Thank you
A Owoputi
on 23, Feb 2017
Your service is good. Yeah, if I know someone who wants to do DNA Testing I will refer them to you. Thank you
S. Bourgou
on 30, Oct 2018
The service was good. It's good I will send people to you if they need DNA Testing. M. Gattizakou
M. Gattizakou
on 07, Mar 2017
I really like the service. Everything you said to was true, you were very professional. I really appreciate you helping me. If anybody needs your service I will refer your name.
Mrs, Thompson-Tate
on 03, Aug 2017
Your service perfect. Thank you Mr. Prempeh 03/05/2017
Mr. Prempeh
on 24, Oct 2018
IDTO's DNA testing service was great and very professional.
Elensia Guadamuz
on 20, Oct 2018
Your Immigration DNA testing service is perfect. You guys are the best. I liked the way helped me thru the process for m family.
Mr Hatem
on 25, Sep 2018
This is a great service.
Mrs. Essel
on 18, Jan 2019
I think your DNA testing service is great. This is why I came back to use you guys after all these years. Thank you f
on 24, Jan 2019
This DNA testing service is great. They did a good job.
E. Caurie
on 20, Aug 2018
Service is great! Fast and I think you did a good job.
on 21, Sep 2018
Your DNA service was good. It was excelent.
Mr. Idriss
on 01, Feb 2019
Your service is very, very good and fast.
D. Ogunye
on 30, Jan 2019
I'm so happy. I feel like you guys are part of my family. Do all the thing to help. I can't thank you enough, God bless you
G. Yeebyo
on 05, Feb 2019
The DNA testing services provided by Garth, our technician, were outstanding. Garth is extremely professional, communicative, accessible, and was available to schedule the DNA collection very quickly. The results of the DNA testing were available very quickly. Garth understood the sensitive nature of working with the children and families involved in the testing, and was very considerate to everyone involved in the process. I would highly recommend this DNA testing service.
Ms. Baker
on 08, Feb 2019
your immigration DNA testing service is very good.
Mr. Miah
on 15, Feb 2019
I think your service is GREAT!

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