How long does a Paternity Test take?

Performing a paternity test for many labs can be an elongated process. For example, there are many labs who have turnaround times anywhere from 5 days to several weeks. This can affect many people who maybe in need of a DNA test result quickly because of time-sensitive situations like Immigration cases or Family Court cases.

IDTO provides DNA Paternity Test services that have a turnaround time of 2-3 business days. We also offer an expedited turnaround time for results by providing next day results.

Why do DNA Testing results take long through the courts?

One the reasons why many Family Court systems do not provide faster DNA results is due the agreement the Courts make with the lab they contract with. Many of these labs do not offer the same quality of service they might provide a customer who directly contacted the lab directly.

court ordered paternity vs independent paternity testCourt Case Paternity Test vs Independent Paternity Test. Which One Is Better?

The main difference between performing a Paternity Test through Family Court and going directly to a DNA Lab is,

1. Family Court contracted labs have much longer turnaround time. (normally 5-8 weeks).

2. Family Court court price points depending on where you live may be cheaper.

3. Many Family Court contracted DNA lab’s do not test on the same amount of markers as many labs who may not be contracted by Family Court. Because many Family Court contracted labs test on fewer markers (10-12 markers). The accuracy is not as high the lab IDTO uses to perform DNA Paternity tests. Our lab provides DNA Results with 18 markers.

4. Contacting an independent DNA company gives you an opportunity to asks questions whereas you will not have an opportunity to ask any questions to a contracted Family Court DNA Lab.

The fact of the matter is, you will have to be the decide on which method of performing a Paternity Test is best for your situation.

What does next day air DNA Paternity Test actually mean?

A Next Day Paternity Test allows an alleged father the opportunity to receive his result 24 hours from the time all the samples are received by our lab. The price of this DNA Test is more expensive than a normal DNA Paternity Test. To learn more about the pricing of our Next Day DNA Paternity Test.

If you would like to learn more about the DNA Paternity Testing process as it pertains to your specific situation. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our DNA Testing Expert today at 877-680-5800.