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How much does a DNA test cost at the hospital?

In the U.S. most hospitals normally do not provide DNA Paternity Test services directly. Most hospitals will refer families to local DNA Testing services like IDTO DNA Paternity Testing Center. Below are some of the things you expect from our DNA relationship testing service.

Is DNA testing mandatory at birth in the hospital?

No, DNA Testing is not mandatory to establish the paternity of a child. All paternity tests are voluntary unless you have been ordered to perform a DNA test for child support purposes by a judge.

If you require a paternity test shortly after the birth of your child. IDTO can assist you with performing a legal paternity test prior to signing the Acknowledgment of Paternity form to add your name to the child’s birth certificate. If you would like to schedule a  DNA paternity test today. Contact our office at 877-680-5800 to get started.

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What To Expect From Our Service

  • Fast, Accurate & Affordable results in 2-3 business days.
  • Professional Sample Collection Technicians with over 10 plus years experience.
  • Easy appointment set-up
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Results are recognized by the USCIS, Embassies, Passport Agencies and Family Court throughout the U.S.
  • Facilities that we partner with are accredited by the AABB to conduct Immigration and legal chain of custody testing.
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