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In the U.S. most hospitals normally do not provide DNA Paternity Testing services directly. Sometimes hospitals will refer families to a local DNA Testing services like AIDC DNA Testing Svcs. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about pricing.  

How much is the average cost of a paternity test?

Today, the average cost of a DNA Paternity Test for most DNA Testing companies is between $450.00 and $900.00. AIDC DNA Testing costs for Paternity starts at $275.00. Please contact our office at 877-680-5800 to get specific details about your situation. 

How long does a father have to file for Paternity?

From our understanding, a father has 2 years from the birth date of the child to claim paternity of the child. There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, both mother and father can have the limitations waived or the father will have to provide documentation of support to the child and this will have to be done with the mother consent.
For more information on this subject, we recommend speaking with a New York State licensed attorney on this issue because laws are constantly changing.

Does Medicaid cover DNA testing?

The answer is No. This is because Medicaid does not view a DNA Test for comparative relationship purposes as a health issue. Although, there are situations that an Insurance company may decide to cover your DNA Test.  
One thing I would recommend you can do before setting up an appointment is to contact your insurance and inquire about coverage.  For information about this process, or to coordinate an appointment please call 877-680-5800 and allow one of our DNA Testing professionals assist you today.
What does a DNA Test after birth cost?
After birth DNA Paternity Test costs are considerably cheaper than prenatal DNA tests. IDTO’s pricing for DNA Paternity Tests starts at $275.00. If you would like to learn more about DNA Testing as it pertains to your situation please contact our office today 877-680-5800 and allow one of our DNA Testing Experts assist you today. 

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