Do hospitals do paternity tests?

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Information on DNA Paternity Testing in hospitals after childbirth

Establishing the paternity of child is a prior for some couples when paternity is being questioned. Performing a paternity test as soon the child born is the most effective and immediate option available.

In this post, will discuss in detail if hospitals provide paternity testing services to their patients.

Do hospitals do paternity tests at birth?

No. Hospital do not offer paternity testing to its patients. If you require a DNA paternity test you can call IDTO at 877-680-5800 to discuss your option or schedule an appointment today.

Alternative Options:

Although hospitals do not offer paternity testing service directly. What many hospitals will allow is for a DNA sample collector the opportunity to collect a newborn’s DNA samples onsite at the hospital.

As we understand it, hospitals do not offer DNA testing services because relationship tests are not considered medical tests. Therefore, hospitals and the major of doctors in the U.S. will refer DNA testing services to companies like IDTO.

Before scheduling an appointment with IDTO. Please speak with the hospital staff’s head nurse to ensure the DNA sample collection will be able to take place.

After you receive confirmation from the hospital and you contact our office. One of DNA consultants will check your city for mobile collectors available to accommodate your request.

It recommended that all genetic samples being collected be present at the hospital if possible but it is not a requirement. If the alleged father can schedule an appointment at facility near his home.

New York State Residents

It is important to note , when performing a DNA paternity test you will be required to acquire one of the following documents before you can have a mobile or in-office DNA sample collection appointment.

1. Court Order
2. A prescription referral requesting a paternity test for the alleged father, child and the mother (if available).
3. A letter from a New York State family law attorney request a paternity test.

Once you acquire one of the documents listed above. Call 877-680-5800 to schedule an appointment.

How to do DNA Test on newborns?

Performing a DNA Test with a newborn is no different than with an adult. All DNA samples are collected by cheek swab. Each swab is placed inside of the mouth and brushed against each cheek.

Cheek swab collection are painless and efficient especially for newborns. This DNA sample collection option has the same accuracy as blood. Blood collections are more painful and causes a traumatic experience for a newborn.

How much will a paternity test cost after birth?

The cost a paternity test after the birth of a child will depend one of two factors. Starting cost for a DNA paternity test is $350.00 and up. DNA sample collection fees and travel to the hospital are not included in the cost.

1. Do you require mobile collection at the hospital?

2. Do want to come into one of the facilities in our network?

How long will it take to receive my DNA results?

The average turnaround time for DNA analysis to be complete is 2 to 3 business days from the date the laboratory receives all DNA samples.

Why perform a paternity test early?

People perform a paternity test as early as possible to settle disagreements on who the biological father of the child. Establishing the paternity of the child as soon as possible for unmarried couples will allow the child to legal rights, financial support and inheritance.


Overall, performing a paternity test as soon after a child is born at a hospital or in-office to establish the paternity of the child to excellent option.

Hospitals, currently do not offer paternity testing services directly. Many hospitals instead may refer you to a DNA Testing company like IDTO to help facilitate the testing process. It is recommended that you consult with nursing department to confirm that your child’s DNA samples can be collected at the hospital.

If you are in need of reliable DNA testing services contact IDTO at 877-680-5800 for questions or to schedule an appointment.