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How to Read a Paternity Test Result?

Reading a paternity test results can be a very very hard thing to do especially if you don’t understand what the numbers on the result actually means today we’re going to delve in a little bit on what exactly a paternity test is in a bit more detail in the above video Dr. Courtney Harrington breakdown The specifics of the numbers on the paternity test results this way you will have better understanding on what a paternity test is and how to read the actual results to alleviate some of the confusion you may have if you have a paternity test.

What is an allele?

An allele is one of a pair of genes that appear at a particular location on a particular chromosome and control the same characteristic, such as blood type or colorblindness. Alleles are also called alleleomorphs. Your blood type is determined by the alleles you inherited from your parents.  See definition here.

What is Short Tandem Repeats or STR?

STR analysis refers to ‘short tandem repeat.’ This type of DNA analysis works to examine individual areas in DNA. The differences for certain DNA regions in one person versus another can allow for distinguishing between individuals. Despite the fact that humans share the overwhelming majority of the same DNA, the tiny fraction of a percent that varies can be exploited to create a profile of the individual. Read more about STR analysis here.

What is an average turnaround time for paternity test results?

The average turnaround time for Paternity test for IDTO is 2 to 3 business days. Our company also offers next day results if necessary so if you need an expedited result next day results are also available please call one of our DNA Testing Specialists today to learn more about next date your results at 877-680-5800.