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U.S. Embassy Jamaica Address: 142 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6 

**CALL** 877-680-5800 for DNA Appointments

US Embassy Immigration DNA Testing Jamaica

IDTO helps families who are in need of US embassy or USCIS AABB Immigration DNA Testing in Jamaica. The services we provide are to help Jamaican families who reside in both the U.S. and Jamaica. Some of the services we provide are immigration, paternity, maternity and sibling DNA testing just to name a few. To learn more of about our services or to ask questions about your particular situation please contact one of our DNA Testing Experts at 877-680-5800.

How To Get Started

If you are in need of DNA Testing services for Immigration purposes. The first thing you need to do is contact our office by phone at 877-680-5800. One of our DNA Testing Experts will help you with coordinating your family’s DNA sample collection appointment if you have a family member in the U.S. and/or shipping the DNA Test kits to the U.S. Embassy in Kingston, JM. Whatever situation you may have, IDTO can help your family every step of the way.

To read more about what to expect from the immigration process scroll to the DNA Testing Steps portion of this page below.

What is the cost for an Immigration DNA Test in Jamaica?

The price of DNA Test will vary on a case by case basis. Contact IDTO directly to inquire about quotes for a specific situation. The number contact our office today is 877-680-5800.

Why does my family have to perform a DNA test?

 Families who are given the option to use a DNA test to provide proof of biological relationship are given this option due to lack of evidence submitted by their family to an  Embassy or USCIS. In order to get the process started. The Embassy or USCIS must provide your family with a documentation letter that offers an option to perform DNA Testing. The document must have the  USCIS or an Embassy letterhead. 

Having the necessary documentation will allow for your family to have a much smoother process. It also should be noted that there are certain instances where documents may not be issued. Please contact one of our DNA Testing Experts to learn more at 877-680-5800.

US Embassy in Jamaica: Checkout the U.S. Embassy’s Procedures for DNA Testing


  • us embassy jamaicaDNA Testing Steps

    1.Your petitioner should contact any one of the approved AABB Accredited DNA Laboratory.

    2.If your alleged blood relative is a U.S. citizen or LPR, the U.S. laboratory will first analyze the DNA in their sample. DHL will then forward a test kit to the U.S. Embassy in Kingston.

    If your alleged blood relative resides in Jamaica, then DHL will forward two test kits to the U.S. Embassy in Kingston after the kits are paid for by the U.S. petitioner.

    3.When the test kit is received, you will come to the Embassy and submit a cheek swab tissue sample. Please see details below about scheduling a DNA test appointment.

    4.If the DNA test verifies the claimed relationship, processing of your application or petition will resume. To learn more about what the US Embassy Jamaica protocol for DNA testing process click here.

How do I schedule my DNA test appointment at the U.S. Embassy?

  • For Immigrant Visa cases (case numbers beginning with KNG): Once a DNA kit arrives at the U.S. Embassy, the Consular Section will contact applicants by phone to schedule a DNA appointment (using the phone number the petitioner provided to the U.S. lab for DNA testing).
  • For USCIS cases (case numbers beginning with WAC/EAC/SRC/LIN/MSC and NBC):  Once a DNA kit arrives at the U.S. Embassy, the Consular Section will contact applicants by phone to schedule a DNA appointment (using the phone number the petitioner provided to the U.S. lab for DNA testing). Check out the  U.S. Embassy in Jamaica website.

What do I bring to the U.S. Embassy on the day of my DNA Test appointment?

Each person being tested must bring the following documents or you will be turned away:

  • Current passport
  • Photocopy of current passport’s biographic information page
  • Two (2) passport size photographs
  • Receipt from Andrews Memorial Hospital in Kingston showing a payment of US$30 for each person who is being tested
  • Check out the  U.S. Embassy in Jamaica website.


All immigration DNA Tests are performed by an AABB accredited laboratory.  Knowing this aspect is an extremely important piece of information when scheduling your DNA appointment. If you have testing performed by another company not name IDTO and the lab is not accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks  (AABB) your results will be denied.)

As a special note to New York State residents if you are not going to use IDTO’s immigration DNA Test services. It is important to know in addition to the lab needing to be AABB accredited. It is important to make sure the lab performing your DNA testing is accredited by the New York State Health Department (NYSDOH). If not, your results may not be accepted by any of USCIS centers in NYS or if you are asked to submit DNA proof to an immigration judge. 

Again, this is only for families who reside in the state of New York.

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Immigration Approved Genetic Testing

As mentioned in the paragraphs above. All tests are performed by an accredited  AABB laboratory. This accreditation basically means that your results will be recognized by  USCIS, embassies and immigration judges worldwide. Although, all Immigration DNA Testing Jamaica services follow the protocol set forth by immigration. The immigration officer assigned to your case is the authority on what decision will be rendered in your case. DNA Testing is only an option offered by immigration in order to strengthen a family case evidence to help determine a decision from immigration.

To learn more about the immigration DNA testing process please call one of our DNA Testing Experts at 877-680-5800.


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