Immigration  Paternity  Testing Center 
Paternity testing for immigration purposes is often necessary when your family is required by USCIS or U.S. Embassy to prove a biological relationship between an alleged father and his child or children.

Why Choose Us?

IDTO is the New Jersey and the greater tri-state area's premier DNA Testing service provider since 2004. We have serviced thousands of satisfied families all around the world. All DNA Tests are performed by an American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) Accredited Laboratory. What this basically means is  your family's results will be accepted by USCIS centers, U.S. Embassies worldwide and by Immigration Judges nationwide.

About The Process

1. How to get started with the immigration DNA Paternity Testing process is not difficult. First, contact one ourPaternity Testing Experts to coordinate a DNA Sample Collection Appointment.

2. Once your appointment is organized and your samples collected. Our lab will send a request for DNA sample collection if your family member is abroad. Please note, if all parties are here, the testing process will be quicker.Find out more about this process by clicking here.

3. When all of the all of the samples are collected and have reached our lab. Your family's DNA analysis will begin. Paternity Testing has a turnaround time of 2-3 working days. To learn more about this process please contact one of our Professionals at 877-680-5800.

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