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On Wednesday November 17, 2015 Jamaica’s Parliament passes the DNA Evidence Act. This was a bill that was spear headed by the Minister of National Security in Jamaica Peter Bunting. After much concern before the bill was finalized, there were four amendments added to the legislation before it was finally passed.

The DNA Evidence Act outlines and explains the procedures for  DNA sample collection, retention and preservation of DNA samples, provides for the destruction or the retention of DNA profiles, and also establishes offences and penalties for breaches of the Act.

These include falsifying any profile, swapping DNA samples or DNA profile with intent to deceive, and tampering with a container or package containing DNA samples of profiles.

The new DNA Evidence Act is being viewed by many in Jamaica as groundbreaking piece of legislation that will help with minimizing crime in Jamaica. While others are concerned with the people’s constitutional right possibly being violated. Nonetheless, the new bill has passed and was created for monitoring suspects and convicted criminals in Jamaica.

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