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Legal Paternity Testing Process

Legal paternity testing provided by IDTO is simple 3 step process for families interested in having legal DNA test performed.

All DNA tests are performed by an AABB accredited lab. Some of the other services we provide are maternity DNA testing, sibling DNA testing, avuncular DNA testing, etc.

Below is the simple 3 step process for legal paternity testing.

1.Contact one of our trained representatives to schedule an appointment. Call Now! 877-680-5800
2. Once all of the participant’s samples are collected and shipped to our lab. The DNA testing process will take 2-3 business days.

3.When your results are complete. IDTO’s assigned case worker will contact you to give you a verbal result. A copy of the physical result will also be sent to your home, office or anywhere you deem private.

What Type Of Identification Is Needed For A Legal Paternity Test?

When going through the legal paternity testing process you will be required to provide identification. Some of the most acceptable forms of ID are as follows. State supplied ID i.e. (Drivers License, Resident Card), Passport, etc.

Please note: Legal Paternity Tests require all parties be photographed at the time of collection.

Paternity Testing in New York Requirements

Paternity testing in NY is different than most states in America. The first thing you need to know when looking for a DNA Testing services in NYS is to make sure the company handling your DNA Tests will provide New York State Health Dept. recognized results. Families who choose IDTO to handle their DNA Testing needs does not have to worry because all tests are recognized by the AABB and NYSDOH.

For appointments or to inquire about IDTO’s DNA testing process, please contact one of our DNA Testing Experts at 877-680-5800.

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