Maternity DNA Testing

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Maternity DNA Testing

maternity dna testing

Maternity DNA Testing  is a type of DNA testing that provides proof of a relationship between a mother and child or children. There are various scenarios that may require a maternity test. Some of the most frequently requested reasons for maternity testing are as follows Immigration DNA Testing, estate cases, and birth certificate name changes just to name a few.

How Long does Maternity Testing Take?

Maternity Test results can take 2-3 business days from the date our lab receives your samples.

Can my results be used for court cases?

Yes. Only if you are performing a legally court-admissible DNA Test. Peace of Mind Maternity  DNA Test can not be used for court.

Due to the huge surge of U.S. parents seeking surrogacy to have a child. There are only two options when it comes to surrogacy used: “Traditional” and “Gestational”.

Most people are familiar with the traditional type of surrogacy which is performed through artificial insemination with the surrogate using her egg and another man’s sperm.

Gestational surrogacy is the process of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) where fertilized eggs from another female are implanted into the surrogate’s uterus.

What does a DNA Test have to do with surrogacy?

Well, in both surrogate scenarios, the intended parents will need to verify the birth parents of the child while taking the necessary steps to provide the proper documentation that shows proof that they have parental rights.

A Maternity DNA Test will help in the process to exclude the surrogate as the biological mother in a gestational surrogacy case. In the traditional surrogacy case, a Maternity DNA Test can confirm the proof that surrogate is the biological mother which can help the surrogate mom waive her parental rights and make the child available for adoption.

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In the cases of adoption, an adoption agency will seek DNA Testing services to provide proof that either one or both biological parents are related to the child being placed up for adoption.

This done so that the biological parents can sign a waiver giving up all parental rights of their child


IDTO has provided fast, accurate and  affordable  DNA relationship testing services for over 10 years to cities nationwide. Our DNA Testing specialists have been trained to provide the highest level of customer service which is why both legal and medical professionals deem IDTO a trusted source for DNA Testing services.

All tests are performed by an AABB accredited laboratory. For residents of the state of New York, it is important to note that our lab is New York City State Health Dept (NYSDOH). approved DNA Testing Lab. This recognition allows our lab the opportunity to perform legal DNA Testing services in NYS.

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