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DNA Paternity Test Services

One of the toughest things a man can experience in his life is to call into question whether or not he is the biological father of a child. The emotional roller coaster can drive a man to irrational thinking and behavior. Since the inception of parentage testing, alleged fathers, mothers, family members, and concerned parties now have a reliable tool to help determine a biological relationship between a father and child.

A paternity test helps to determine the probability of a biological relationship between an alleged father and child by comparing both the alleged father and child’s DNA profile.

Legal Paternity Testing

Legal paternity tests are used for the purposes of establishing a biological relationship between the alleged father and a child. This option is most commonly used for the purposes of immigration, child support, social security, or child custody cases.

A legal paternity test also can be used for adding or changing a name on a birth certificate. IDTO adheres to the AABB guidelines for a legal chain of custody sample collection protocol. By following these guidelines allows for your DNA result to be recognized by family courts nationwide.

What type of sample is used for legal DNA tests?

The most common sample collected is a buccal swab sample. Buccal swabs are used by gently rubbing inside of your mouth between the cheek and the gum. It is important to note, Blood samples can also be used for testing.

How long does a Legal Paternity test take?

The turnaround time for the completion of your results is 2-3 days from the date in which the lab receives your samples. 

What do I need for me to take a DNA test?

Legal Relationship Tests requires alleged fathers to have a state issued I.D. (drivers license or passport). If the alleged father name is not on the birth certificate. The mother of the child will need to be available to give consent for the child to perform a paternity test. Please note, this only applies to children under 18 years of age or younger.

If you are a New York State resident you will be required to obtain a doctor’s prescription and/or a court order from a judge. Please note, your prescription must be obtained from New York State licensed physician only. Prescriptions from an out of state doctor will not be accepted. The requirements stated are mandated by the New York State Department of Health.

How to schedule an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment is simple. Call 877-680-5800 or 347-735-5490 to coordinate an appointment and allow one of IDTO DNA Relationship Testing Consultants assist you today. Our network has access to over 1500 plus DNA sample collection facilities in just about every major city nationwide. We work with you in locating the closest sample collection facility to ensure an easy and smooth process.

At-Home Tests (Non-legal) aka Peace of Mind

An At-Home Paternity test is a test that helps to determine the probability of a biological relationship between an alleged father and child. This DNA result can only be used for informational purposes only. Non legal at-home tests do not adhere to strict chain of custody guidelines that will a legal DNA paternity test requires. It is recommended that you think about how you will intend to use your result before performing anyone of the paternity testing options. 

It is important to note, both non-legal and legal DNA tests are tested the exact same way. The only difference between the two is non-legal DNA tests do not follow the required chain of custody guidelines.

Once you purchase a kit and you receive it. The kit will include chain of custody form and 4 sterilized buccal cotton swabs for each person involved with your testing. The kit will contain 4 cotton swabs for each person that will be providing their sample for testing. Just follow the instructions enclosed with the kit carefully. Once you collect your samples. Place them in the prepaid envelope enclosed with your kit and ship out to the laboratory. If you would like to learn more about our Home Paternity Testing option click here.

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