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Proving your familial relationships to immigration has become an integral part of the immigration filing process. Over the years, the option to perform a DNA Test has become one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful method to provide proof of relationship to Immigration.

Today, our goal is to help people like yourself better understand how DNA Testing works for Immigration purposes and the advantage of performing a DNA Test.

Since 2001’s 9/11 tragic event. Families around the world have been experiencing increases in the option of performing a DNA Test by Immigration Officials worldwide. It is important to note, DNA Testing is an option and is not necessarily mandatory. That being said, a DNA Test is the strongest proof that a family can provide in order to receive a Visa, Passport etc.

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Why does Immigration wait so long to request my family to perform a DNA Test?

This is a question that can not be answered by any DNA Testing company or Lab. The Immigration service center that is handling your case will be better suited to answer this specific question.

What we can say is, in our 13-year experience helping thousands of families worldwide. It appears that each family that has been requested to perform a DNA Test happened to receive their request sometimes early in their filing process or sometimes later in their filing process.

What we recommend is, if you know ahead of time that you may be missing supporting documents that may help provide definitive proof of a relationship between two or more family members. We suggest mentioning this to the Immigration Official ahead of time and make a request with to that officer inquiring about performing a DNA Test.

How long does the DNA Testing process take?

For international DNA Tests, the process has an average turnaround time of 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer. Each country handles appointment scheduling differently so there are no definitive turnaround times that could be given.

It is important to note, an International DNA Test refers to having one or all family members involved with the DNA Test currently living in their country of origin and their samples will be collected in their respective country.

If my family lives in another country who collects their samples?

When coordinating a DNA Test for immigration purposes abroad. It is important to note, that no laboratory performing Immigration DNA Testing has the authority to schedule appointments for clients in their country of origin. All DNA Testing sample collection appointments are coordinated by the embassy.

The embassy is responsible for contacting your family, giving your family their collection appointment details and sample collection fees.

If you are currently in need of this service because you were ordered to submit evidence to an  Immigration Office. Please contact today at 877-680-5800.



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