Sibling Genetic Testing

Sibling Genetic Testing  are an easy option  for those parties who are trying to determine a relationship between two or more siblings.

The two types of Sibling DNA Tests available are Full Sibling Genetic Tests. This test is utilized for siblings who shared the same biological parents.

The second type of Sibling DNA Test is a Half “Sibling Genetic Testing.” This type of test is utilized for siblings who shared a single parent,

Can DNA Testing Prove Sibling Relationship?

Yes. DNA testing can help determine a relationship between two or more siblings. Either brother and sister, brother and brother or sister and sister could participate in this type of genetic sibling testing.

Understanding Sibling Genetic Testing Results

Many people have a difficult time understanding what the results of a Sibling DNA Tests actually means. IDTO in addition to providing each client with a copy of their result.  Each result is accompanied with a letter of explanation. The letter basically describes the results in layman terms. This way there is no way for any client misunderstand what their results are.




Sibling Genetic Testing in New York State

If you are a NYS  resident it is important for you to know how DNA testing services are actually handled in NYS. The most important part of the  appointment scheduling process for potential clients is acquiring a prescription from your family doctor.

Another important part of this process is making sure that the lab you choose is recognized by the NYS Health Dept. Failure to confirmed this with the lab performing your Sibling DNA Testing can be detrimental if your are utilizing your results for legal purposes such as immigration cases or estate battles.

If you are considering allowing IDTO to handle your Sibling Genetic Testing needs. The issues mentioned above will not be an issue you will have to worry about. All tests are performed by American Association Blood Banks (AABB) accredited lab and NYS Health Dept.

For questions or to schedule appointments for Sibling Genetic Testing Kits please call 877-680-5800.

If the  sibling genetic test is not an option. Please learn more about our Maternity DNA Testing services here.