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Looking to determine a full sibling, half sibling or no biological relationship. Allow accredited DNA testing find the answers you deserve.

What is a DNA Sibling Test?

A sibling test (brother and sister) is a test that analyzes the DNA profiles of two people to establish if they share a common parent or parents. This testing option is used as an alternative to performing a paternity test when the alleged father is unavailable to be tested.

Common Uses

  • Adoption
  • Inheritance
  • Immigration
  • Social Security Benefits

Sibling DNA Testing Types

A legal sibling test is  a genetic test that helps to determine if two or more people have the same parent or both parents. The results for this testing option can be for any legal purpose.

Please note: All legal DNA testing services we offer are tested and analyzed by our partner AABB accredited testing laboratory.

The starting costs of this DNA testing option is, $499.99 and Up. Contact IDTO today at 877-680-5800 to schedule an appointment.

What method will be used to collect DNA samples?

All DNA samples are collected by cheek swabs. Each swab will be placed inside of the mouth and brushed against the left and right cheeks for minimum of 30 seconds.

Blood sample collections are a viable DNA sample collection that has a the same accuracy as cheek swabs samples.

The common uses to perform a DNA sibling test for legal purposes is Social Security benefits, child custody and to submit additional evidence for an immigrant visa for immigration purposes.

Where can I get a DNA test to determine if someone is my half-sibling?

Contact IDTO today at 877-680-5800 to schedule an appointment. We have over 1000 facilities in our network nationwide.

Testing Accuracy

Yes, DNA siblingship tests is an accurate alternative to prove the probability between two possible siblings share a common parent or both parent. This testing option is performed when an alleged father or mother are unavailable to participate in the DNA Testing process.

90% or higher: the sibling relationship is supported by DNA testing.

9%-89%: inconclusive result, and additional parties need to be tested.

Below 9%: the sibling relationship is not supported by DNA testing.

At-Home DNA Test

An At-Home Sibling test is a home test kit that can be performed at home. This testing option is for peace of mind purposes only and cannot be used in court or for any legal reason.

Reason to purchase an At-Home Sibling DNA Test Kit

Common reason to purchase a Home Siblings Test kit is to prove if two siblings share a common parent. And, the results are not need for any legal reason.

New York Residents

Please note: Home DNA testing option for New York State residents are not available. According to NYSDOH guidelines residents of NY must acquire one of the following documents to perform a legal DNA test to be compliant with the state’s guidelines.

1. A court order from a judge

2. A prescription referral from a NYS licensed doctor.

3. A letter from a NYS licensed Family Law Attorney.

If you do not have one of the three documents listed above. IDTO will not proceed with scheduling your DNA testing appointments.

How much does a Sibling DNA Test Kit at home cost?

The cost of a  this peace of mind DNA testing option is, $299.99 and Up. Click the button below to order a Home DNA kit online today.


IDTO sibling DNA test

DNA Results Turnaround Time

The turnaround for your results to be completed is 2 to 3 business days from the date the laboratory receives all genetic samples.

Related Questions

How does a Sibling Paternity Test work?

A sibling paternity test works by comparing genetic markers between alleged siblings to determine if they share the same father. Here is an overview of how the process works:

1. DNA samples are obtained from the alleged siblings, usually via a simple cheek swab.

2. The samples are analyzed in a lab to develop DNA profiles for each sibling containing unique genetic markers they inherited from both biological parents.

3. The sibling DNA profiles are compared to calculate how much genetic information they have in common. Full siblings typically share about 50% of their DNA.

4. Statistical algorithms determine the probability the siblings share the same father based on the amount of genetic markers they have in common. Most sibling paternity tests can establish probability of shared paternity to over 99% accuracy.

5. If high genetic similarity exists between certain regions of the siblings’ DNA originating from the father’s side, paternity of the same father is highly likely. Differences exclude shared paternity.

So in summary, by quantifying genetic similarity inherited by both siblings from the paternal side, sibling DNA tests can reliably determine if two individuals share biological fatherhood or not. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!

Can the DNA Sibling Test Kit be shipped to more than one address?

Yes. We can ship to multiple cities or states. Please note there may be an additional shipping cost for multiple locations. Please contact IDTO to learn more about split shipment service.