Court Ordered Paternity Tests

Court Ordered Paternity Tests

How to file for Paternity Test with the courts in New York?

A petition can be filed by the mother of the child, the alleged father who believes he is the biological father of the child or by the child and/or the child’s guardian.

If a child is receiving public assistance, the Department of Social Services can and will file a petition against the alleged father, seeking an order of filiation and an order support.

There are scenarios where a paternity petition may be filed even if the alleged father has passed away. Please note, there are no filing fees in Family Court. If you would like to download the free filing application click here

How to acquire a court ordered paternity test?

In order for an alleged father to be able to be eligible to file for a court ordered a paternity test. The alleged father must have completed an Acknowledgment of Paternity form or an Order of Filiation.

What is the price of Court Order Paternity Test?

Court Ordered Paternity Test pricing may vary depending on the county family court your case is being held.

How long does it take to receive results for a Court-Ordered Paternity Test?

Again, results will vary depending on the county your case is being held in, but from our experience with collecting samples for the courts. Families have received their results in 4-6 weeks on average.

IDTO recommends that you inquire about the turnaround time with a court official.

What is a DNA Paternity Case?

A Paternity suit is when an alleged father is said to be the biological father of a child. Both parties may be asked in court to perform a DNA Test to determine the biological relationship between alleged father and child.

paternity costs

Does the court pay for my Paternity Test?

Yes. If the alleged father is not financially
fit to provide funds for the Paternity Test.

No. If the alleged father is financially secure to pay for the Paternity Test.

What are the advantages of using a private DNA Testing company vs a Court Ordered DNA Test?

The greatest advantage of using a private DNA Testing company is speed, accuracy and more importantly the number of markers that are used by a private DNA Testing company.
IDTO’s lab provides results in 2-3 business days.

Court-Ordered DNA Tests performed through the courts many times perform DNA Tests with markers that are below the standard 15-17 markers used by private labs. When tested with 10-12 markers there are opportunities for the result not to reflect the full story. Which can leave an alleged father believing he is the biological father of a child when he might not be. More tested markers help tell a more in-depth story of biological relationships.

If you can not afford a Paternity Test and are subject to performing the test through the courts. It is important for the alleged father to inquire about the number of markers he will be tested on. This way, you can feel more secure in the outcome of the result.

What can I expect if I use IDTO DNA Testing Services?

Simple. Fast, accurate and affordable DNA Testing service with easy appointment setup. You will be assigned a caseworker than will attend to your case specifically.

Once your results are complete, all parties will receive a courtesy call informing you that your results are complete. A hard copy will be mailed or emailed to  you at your discretion.

If you are in need of expert DNA Testing services please allow IDTO the opportunity to help assist your family with their DNA Testing needs. We can be reached at 877-680-5800.