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Does the U.S. Embassy require your family to provide proof of biological of relationship for two or more of your family members? If you answered yes, please allow IDTO the opportunity to help you with your family’s DNA Relationship Testing needs for Immigration purposes in the Philippines.

Getting Started:

In order for your family to get started with the Immigration DNA Testing process. There are some necessary requirements your family will need to follow in order to stay compliant for Immigration to accept your family’s DNA Test result.

  1. Your family will receive a letter from the Embassy requesting your family to provide proof of biological relationship. Genetic testing may be an option provided to your family. 
  2. Upon receipt of your Request for Evidence letter. Contact IDTO DNA Test Centre to coordinate an appointment.
  3. IDTO will be responsible for coordinating appointments for family members in the U.S. if necessary. If all family members are located in the Philippines. IDTO will oversee the process of the AABB DNA Parentage Laboratory’s shipping of your family’s DNA Test Kit to the U.S. Embassy in Manila.
  4. The Embassy will be responsible for coordinating all DNA Sample Collections for your family in the Philippines.
  5. Cost of the DNA Sample Collections in the Philippines are not included in the price of the DNA Test. DNA Sample Collection costs can range anywhere between $30-$100 per person.
  6. Once all samples are collected in the Philippines. Samples will be shipped to the laboratory for comparative analysis.
  7. Upon receipt of the samples, the AABB DNA Laboratory will complete your family’s result in 2-3 business days.
  8. When your family’s result is complete a copy will be shipped to the requesting Immigration office either U.S. Embassy or USCIS.
  9. The average turnaround time for this entire process is 6 – 8 weeks, sometimes longer.
  10. All DNA Tests are performed by an AABB Accredited Parentage Laboratory.

Exactly What Type DNA Testing Will The Embassy Ask My Family To Perform?

Embassies have gone through several changes over the years in regards to what types of DNA test they will accept. Currently, immigration will ask families to perform Paternity Testing and Maternity Testing.

Avuncular and Sibling DNA Tests are no longer being requested by Immigration. There are exceptions to this rule. The Immigration Officer assigned to your case will inform your family about the possibility of other family members can be tested. For more information about this process please contact one of DNA Testing Experts Today at 877-680-5800.