dna testing jamaica


IDTO provides AABB DNA Testing services for immigrant families from Jamaica who are required to provide proof of a biological relationship between two or more family members to the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica. We understand that families going through immigration process have to endure a lot of stress and uncertainty of the process. Petitioning for family member/s can be tough especially when you are unable to provide certain documentation requested by USCIS or the U.S. embassy.

This is the reason why  IDTO has taken great pride in making the immigration DNA testing process for Jamaican families as easy as possible. To Learn more about how the Immigration DNA Testing process works click here.

Parentage Lab Accreditation:

All tests are performed by an AABB and New York State Dept of Health (NYSDOH) accredited lab.


What Types of DNA Tests are accepted by the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica?

The most common types of Immigration DNA Tests requested by immigration for your family is as follows, Paternity Testing, Maternal DNA Testing, USCIS or the U.S. Embassy seldom request families to provide proof of a relationship between Sibling only. Normally, the common parent if available will have to partake in the DNA Test when a sibling is petitioning for a sibling.

How Long is the Immigration DNA Testing process in Jamaica?

This is the most popular question asked by many people when inquiring about this process.  This question can not be answered definitively. In our over ten years of experience with the  US Embassy Jamaican DNA testing process. We have noticed a 6-8 week average turnaround time for most countries. Please note, that the times above are an average and we have seen many cases gone longer than 8 weeks.

Essentially the embassies are in control of scheduling of appointments abroad for beneficiaries. The number of people who may have had a request for DNA sample collection submitted before your family is not known by labs so it is difficult to give any family definitive time their DNA testing portion in Jamaica will be complete.

For appointments, please contact one our office and allow one of our DNA Testing Coordinator help you begin the process of DNA Testing. The number to call is 877-680-5800.