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Hello and thank you for taking a few moments out of your busy day to learn a little bit more about the recent changes instituted by U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs as it pertains to sibling DNA testing for many families currently going through the immigration DNA testing process in particular sibling DNA testing most likely have been affected the changes that have been made regarding sibling DNA testing are as follows sibling to sibling DNA tests may not be used to prove relatedness sibling ship tests may show an apparent lack of relationship even when the individuals are full siblings because of the variations in genetic contribution by each parent to individual children what this basically means is going forward siblings who are petitioning for their sibling or siblings will have to include their common parent to be able to prove a biological relationship the terminology has been amended within USCIS is notice of action forms to reflect this change to learn more about this actual process and what has taken place with USCIS in regards to sibling DNA testing please do not hesitate to give us a call we can be reached at 877 6805 800 or you can visit us online at WWE test the test is singular once again thank you and have a great day

Over the years, USCIS, Passport Agencies, and Embassies have increased their suggestions for families to provide biological proof of relationship. If your family received a Request for Evidence form like I-797 you may want to listen to the above video. In the video below one of our  IDTO DNA Relationship Testing Experts will explain one of the latest amendments to the Immigration DNA Testing process for families who are petitioning for their sibling/s.

uscis authority to collect dna

Sibling DNA Test 

According to the new amendments set forth by Immigration. Sibling to sibling DNA tests may not be used to show relatedness.

Siblingship DNA tests may show an apparent lack of relationship even if the individuals are full siblings. Because of the variations of genetic contributions by each parent to an individual child.

What this basically means is, if an individual is petitioning for his or her sibling. They will be required to have a common biological parent (mother or father) partake in the actual Immigration DNA Testing process if available. Please keep in mind, the common parent does have to be a part of the immigration process but will need to be a part of the process when one sibling is petitioning for another.

Normally, The paperwork issued by immigration to families requesting them to provide evidence via a DNA test will actually state the above-mentioned requirements.

AABB Accredited Laboratory

All DNA Tests are performed by an American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) Accredited Laboratory. For families who live in New York State. Please note, that your DNA Test will be performed by New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Accredited Laboratory. What this basically means is, your DNA results will fall in accordance with the way NYS mandates how DNA Testing should be performed within the state.

Families can rest assure their DNA Testing is being handled at the highest frequency with professionalism, confidentiality, and accuracy.

If you should have any questions about USCIS, Embassy or Passport Agencies process as it pertains to their new amendments for Sibling DNA Testing. Please call to get the full details regarding this process from one of our IDTO DNA Relationship Testing Experts today. Our number to call is 877-680-5800.