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USCIS DNA Testing Services in Newark , NJ

USCIS DNA testing in Newark, NJ is fast, accurate and affordable. IDTO provides convenient easy to get to locations throughout the entire state of New Jersey.

AABB DNA Paternity Testing

In addition to DNA tests for immigration purposes. We also provide DNA Paternity testing and Maternity DNA testing services domestically. All tests are performed an AABB accredited lab. Turnaround time for DNA testing for domestic and immigration DNA tests are 2-3 business days from the time that our lab receives your samples.

International AABB Accredited Parentage testing services have an average turnaround time of 6-8 weeks for most countries. Please contact one of our DNA testing Experts at 877-680-5800 to inquire about your specific situation.

DNA Paternity Testing Prices

DNA testing services for domestic legal Paternity DNA tests start at $375.00 2ppl (buccal swab)

DNA testing services for domestic legal Maternity DNA tests start at $375.00 2ppl (buccal swab)

For each additional person fees $150 per person.

Immigration DNA Testing Price

AABB Immigration DNA Tests start at $180.00 per person. (Shipping fees are not included in cost).

Note: Additional sample collection fees may be required.  Please contact one DNA testing experts for more information about pricing. We can be reached at 877-680-5800 to learn more our services.

Below are zip codes we service in New Jersey.

Atlantic City



HillsboroughRed Bank



Jersey CityRidgewood
Cherry HillMontclairSummit
CliftonMorristownToms River
Delaware Water Gap NraNeptuneTrenton

New Brunswick

Union City
ElizabethOcean CityWashington
EnglewoodPatersonWest Orange
FreeholdPerth AmboyWildwood
HackettstownPompton LakesWoodbridge

For appointments or questions please contact us at 877-680-5800.