dna testing

This video describes the recent amendment to USCIS’ handling of sibling DNA testing for immigration DNA testing purposes.

USCIS Sibling DNA Testing Update:
Sibling to Sibling DNA tests may not be used to show relatedness. Siblingship DNA test may show an apparent lack of relationship even if the individuals are full siblings. Because of the variations of genetic contributions by each parent to individual children.

What this basically means is, if an individual is petitioning for his or her sibling. They will be required to have a common biological parent partake in the actual process. The paperwork issued to families requesting evidence will actually state the above requirements as proof of evidence.

If you should have any questions about USCIS and their new amendments as it pertains to Sibling DNA testing. To learn more about the Sibling DNA Tests process as it pertains of immigration please contact us 877-680-5800.