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USCIS Immigration DNA Testing procedure

In order to start the USCIS Immigration DNA Testing process there are a couple of things that needs happen. Initially, the petitioner or the household’s lawyer need to have obtained a notification of activity type from USCIS. If you have received this paper then you could go on to organize two.

Stage 2, since you have gotten your notification of action form you are now all set to hunt for an AABB Accredited DNA testing solution that can aid you with this process. If AIDC is your choice, then you can rest assure that our skilled professionals will direct your through the whole procedure from starting to finish.

Assuming AIDC is handling your family members’s DNA testing needs. We will certainly take care of residential DNA testing request by USCIS. A domestic DNA test generally means that all parties are located in the U.S. This process is fairly basic. As soon as you call among our qualified specialists. They will collaborate your session information for your family members to have their examples gathered. When all examples have actually reached our laboratory. The process takes 48-72 hours to finish testing.

After conclusion of your DNA test examples, the call family member will certainly be notified and also given verbal results. Duplicates will certainly then be sent out to both USCIS and to petitioner.

USCIS International Immigration DNA Testing

USCIS DNA Testing for global objectives functions the specific same means however, with an added step. The action being that we will certainly need to ship a DNA Test request to the consular office of the corresponding country of origin. This procedure could occupy to a typical time of 6 to 8 weeks. Kindly note there is no assurance that this procedure will certainly be total in 8 weeks. This is because of the embassy being in control of the whole example collection procedure for all nations abroad.

AABB Accredited Laboratory

As specified previously, all DNA Tests  are performed by an AABB recognized lab. It additionally important to note. The laboratory that does our DNA tests is additionally certified by New york city State Dept of Health (NYSDOH). The factor we are aiming this straightforward reality out to families that are New York State residents is to ensure that may feel confident their outcomes will be acknowledged by an NYS migration judge. Second, not all AABB recognized labs could perform DNA testing in NYS.

If you should have any questions regarding USCIS immigration DNA Testing process or if you would like to coordinate an appointment please contact us at  877-680-5800.