DNA Sibling Test: Brother and Sister Testing Accurate Results

DNA Sibling Test: Brother and Sister Testing Accurate Results

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IDTO provides fast, accurate, and affordable locally based Sibling DNA testing services throughout New York and New Jersey. Since 2004, our service has been a trusted and reliable source for professional DNA relationship testing and sample collection services by both legal and medical professionals.

Please note: All DNA tests are under the strict supervision of an AABB accredited DNA Parentage Laboratory and New York State Department of Health certified Laboratory.

What You Can Expect From Our DNA Service:

Experienced DNA Sample Collectors with over 10 years experience.

Fast, Accurate and Affordable DNA results in 2-3 business days

Easy Appointment set-up

No additional cost Mobile DNA Sample Collection services for selected areas of New York

No Hidden Fees

Relationship Testing Services:

Paternity testing, Maternity testing, Immigration DNA testing, Sibling DNA testing, Grandparent DNA testing & Avuncular DNA testing.


We are proud to say that we are partnered with facilities (laboratories) that are accredited by the AABB and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to conduct legal, chain of custody testing.

Experienced Sample Collectors:

IDTO DNA sample collectors are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of DNA sample collections.

Mobile and In-Office Appointments:

We have an easy to get to midtown location which is easily accessible by bus, train or by car. If you are unable to travel to us, we can come to you.  To learn more about our DNA relationship testing services please call 347-735-5490.

What is Sibling DNA Testing?

A sibling DNA test is a test that helps determine the biological relationship between two or more potential siblings. Sibling tests are performed normally when an alleged father has children with multiple mothers. When the situations arise the and the children find out about a potential sibling. Performing a DNA test is normally the go source feed the siblings curiosity.

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Full Sibling Test vs Half Sibling test: What’s the difference?

If you are in need of a Sibling DNA test. There are two options you can choose form depending on your specific situation.

1. If the potential sibling share the same parents then the type DNA test you will need to perform is what is known as a Full Sibling DNA Test.

2. If the potential siblings share one common parent (mother or father). The type of DNA test you will need to perform is known as a Half Sibling DNA Test.

When scheduling an appointment, One of our DNA testing experts will ask you whether you share both parents or one parent. It is important that you understand the terminology before scheduling your DNA sample collection appointment.

Can have a home DNA test kit sent to my home?

Yes. We do provide home DNA test kits.

How much does Sibling DNA Test cost?

The cost of a Sibling DNA test will be determined by how many people are involved with the DNA test. Pricing starts at $225.00. Please call 877-680-5800 to learn more about costs as it pertains to your specific situation.

Can a sibling DNA test be wrong?

It is possible for a DNA test to be wrong. Here are the scenarios in which we have encountered a DNA test being inaccurate.

1. Home DNA collection kits where the person who ordered the samples made an error with how they collected the samples.

2. When an embassy recognized physician collects the DNA sample of a beneficiary. Although a rare occurrence. It does happen from time to time that the lab will receive a sample that was incorrect in regards to labeling.

The reason we know this to be true is that we had the opportunity to re-test other DNA testing companies that offered our clients DNA test and their first test was incorrect.

3. Another scenario of a potential incorrect result is when a lab performs a DNA test on a small number of genetic markers (ex. 8 -12 markers). The DNA testing lab that performs our DNA tests utilizes a minimum of 18 markers or more if the DNA warrants more markers depending on the situation.

When will I receive my DNA Test result?

All DNA test results are mailed out to our client’s home, office or anywhere you deem private. For a more instant result, we also email a copy of the result to clients who have email addresses if requested.

Does my parent’s DNA sample need to be tested for the result to be accurate?

DNA testing for siblings can be performed accurately without a parent being involved. Although, having the non-common parent of one or both siblings involved can better help the laboratory determine which parent contributed their DNA to their offspring allowing the remaining 50% to be analyzed more efficiently against the other sibling.

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