When paternity testing is unavailable option, an avuncular test can potentially help to determine paternity. In the post, we discuss avuncular DNA testing and the options you have available and the process.

What is an Avuncular DNA Test?

A DNA Avuncular test is genetic test that determines if an alleged aunt/uncle is biologically related to a niece/nephew. This testing option is utilized when the alleged father, siblings, or grandparents of the alleged father are unavailable to be tested.

Common Uses

To confirm paternity when the biological father is unavailable: If the biological father of a child is deceased, unwilling to participate in DNA paternity testing process, or cannot be located, an avuncular DNA test can be used to determine whether the child is related to the father’s siblings. This can provide valuable information for the child’s family and may be necessary for legal purposes.

To gain peace of mind: Some people may choose to undergo an avuncular DNA test to simply confirm their biological relationship to a child, even if there is no doubt about paternity. This can be helpful for providing peace of mind and resolving any lingering questions about the relationship.

For legal reasons: In some cases, an avuncular DNA test may be required for legal purposes, such as inheritance claims or child support hearings. This is especially true if the biological father is deceased or unable to participate in a paternity test.

Aunt/Uncle DNA Testing Types

At-Home Avuncular DNA Test Kits

An At-Home DNA Avuncular Test is a peace of mind home DNA test kit that can be performed at home. This testing option is for peace of mind purposes only between an uncle/aunt with a niece or nephew and cannot be used in court or for any legal reason.

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How much does a Home Avuncular Test Kit at home cost?

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How to get a DNA test to determine if someone is your uncle or aunt?

How to the process works:

1. The process is simple. Click the order button on the page below to purchase your DNA kit online, Or contact our office to order your test kit today by contacting our office to order by phone at 877-680-5800.

2. Once you order your kit you will receive an email confirmation shortly after ordering of tracking details of your shipment to your home.

3. Upon receipt of your kit. Follow your instructions, collect your samples, and ship the samples back to the lab using the prepaid shipping envelope enclosed with your kit.

4. When your result is completed. A copy of your result will be mailed to your home and a copy will be emailed to you the same day your DNA result is completed.

New York Residents

Please note: Home DNA testing option for New York State residents re not available. According to NYSDOH guidelines residents of NY must acquire one of the following documents to perform DNA test to be compliant with the state’s guidelines.

1. A court order from a judge

2. A prescription referral from a NYS licensed doctor.

3. A letter from a NYS licensed Family Law Attorney.

If you do not have one of the three documents listed above. IDTO will not proceed with scheduling your DNA testing appointments.

DNA Results Turnaround Time

The turnaround for your DNA results to be completed is 2 to 3 business days from the date the laboratory receives all genetic samples.

Avuncular testing is a genetic test that helps to determine is an aunt or uncle are biologically related to a niece or nephew.

Please note: All legal tests require a chain of custody to be established in order to be deemed legally admissible documents.

Legal DNA tests can only be performed by an AABB accredited lab in the United States to be recognized by government institutions.

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What method will be used to collect DNA samples?

All DNA samples are collected by cheek swabs. Each swab will be placed inside of the mouth and brushed against the left and right cheeks for minimum of 30 seconds.

Blood sample collections are a viable DNA sample collection option that has a the same accuracy as buccal swabs samples.

Schedule An DNA Appointment

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DNA Testing Requirements:

  • Must present a valid state-issued ID

  • Children under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian present to give consent.

  • All parties involved in the paternity test must present to give consent.

  • A chain of custody has to be established.

  • DNA samples will be processed and analyzed by our partner AABB accredited laboratory.

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