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Home Paternity Test Kit: What You Need To Know

If you are trying to establish paternity and do not require the results to be used for any legal purpose. A home paternity testing kit allows a person the opportunity to perform a DNA test in the comfort of their home. This option is for informational purposes only and is the most cost-effective paternity test you can use to find out the answers you need.

How can I buy a home DNA test?

1. The process is simple. Contact our office to order your test kit today by contact our office to order by phone at 877-680-5800.

2. Once you order your kit you will receive an email confirmation shortly after ordering of tracking details of your shipment to your home.

3. Upon receipt of your kit. Follow your instructions, collect your samples and ship the samples back to the lab using the prepaid shipping envelope enclosed with your kit.

4. When your result is completed. A copy of your result will be mailed to your home and a copy will be emailed to you the same day your DNA result is completed.

New York Residents

Please note, due to New York State guidelines we will not be able to sell Home DNA Test Kits to NYS residents.


How much is a Home Paternity Test?

Pricing starts at $199.99 and up for a father and child or father, mother and child.

How long do home DNA Paternity results take?

The average turnaround time for results to complete is 2 to 3 business days from the date on which the lab receives all DNA samples for your case.

Please keep in mind we also offer same-day expedited results for an additional cost. Contact our office today at 877-680-5800 to learn more

Are my paternity test results confidential?

Yes. Our client’s DNA results are confidential and are only shared with the people involved in your case.

Unfortunately, a home paternity testing kit result cannot be used for legal purposes. A self-collection using a home DNA kit does not follow the legal chain of custody DNA testing guidelines.

It is important to note, A legal home paternity test can be performed by an unbiased DNA sample collector at your home or at a location of your choice. This should not be confused with a Home DNA Test Kit.

contact our office today to inquire about our mobile DNA sample collection services in your city. The number to call today is 877-680-5800.