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Home Paternity Test is a paternity test that determines whether an alleged father is biologically related to a child or children.The difference between a Home Paternity Test Kit and a legal paternity test is the Home DNA test cannot be used for legal purposes.

For example, if you wanted to change the name on the birth certificate you will be requested in most instances to provide a DNA test to prove the biological relationship between a father and child.

A Home DNA Paternity  Test would not be excepted by vital records because it does not fall under the guidelines of a chain of custody that a legal DNA paternity test does.

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How does a home DNA test work?

We have had many people over the years ask this question. How does a Home DNA Testing work? Below we will detail the two Home DNA Testing options IDTO offers.

Option one is to have one of our DNA Sample Collectors come out to your home, office or anywhere you deemed private to collect your family’s samples. The advantage of this is to that you have a professional collector, collect your samples. This way you can avoid the uncertainty of your samples being collected correctly.

The option two is simple. All you have to do is contact IDTO by phone and order our Home DNA Test Kit.

Upon receipt of the test kit, follow the enclosed instructions on how to collect your samples and complete the Chain of Custody form.

Next, place the chain of custody form and samples in the pre-paid return envelope and ship the samples back to the lab.

Once the lab receives the samples.Your results will be made available in 2-3 business days.

A copy of your results will be mailed to your home upon completion of your results. If you would like to get started with a Home DNA Paternity Test. Please contact IDTO today at 877-680-5800.