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IDTO DNA Testing Centre aka DNA Transport provides DNA relationship testing sample collection services to families in need of DNA testing. Since our inception in 2004, our goal is to provide professional DNA sample collection services for families who are in need of DNA relationship testing. It is important to note, DNA samples collected by us are analyzed and tested by partner facilities (laboratories) that are accredited by the AABB to conduct a legal, chain of custody testing.


Paternity Testing

Determine a biological relationship between an alleged father and child. 

Immigration Testing

DNA testing to submit additional evidence to USCIS & Embassies.

Maternity Testing

Determine a biological relationship between an alleged mother and child

Related DNA Testing

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Today, we can proudly say we are achieving our mission of assisting people in the U.S. and around the world with access to confidential and reliable DNA relationship testing and sample collection services. As we move forward into the future. We are excited about the opportunity to continue to play a significant part in assisting families with their DNA relationship testing needs. To learn more about our relationship testing services please call 877-680-5800.