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You are now about to learn everything you need to know about the DNA Paternity Testing Sample Collection process. Hello. My name is Garth Harvey and I am  the DNA testing specialist with the IDTO (DNA Testing Center).I just want to take a few moments of your time today just to briefly explain how to collect a DNA sample for yourself when you receive a DNA paternity testing home kit, which is very simple process.

How To Collect The Sample

I just wanted to take a few moments since we get asked this question a whole lot. So I wanted to address it a little bit today. The good thing is this is an extremely simple process. Once you receive your DNA paternity testing kit, inside of it you’ll have two packages which has 2 sterilized cotton swabs which look and resemble the ones that I have
in my hand (refer to video. Just cut or peel open the package to retrieve the swabs inside. Now ,I’m just gonna take a few moments to pull a swab out and what you going to want to do is  take one cotton swab and proceed to swab inside of your mouth between your cheek and your gum. Actually, swabbing between your cheek and gum is a more efficient sample collection  as opposed to just swabbing your cheek it alone. Cheek alone swab collections may lessen  the probability that you don’t get enough genetic material when you collect the sample. Your chances are increased when swabbing between the cheek and gum. I am going to show you exactly how this is done (refer to video) as you notice I kept my free hand on the outside on my cheek where I was swapping on the inside my cheek with my other hand (refer to video). This method we at IDTO find, is a little bit better.For the record, we haven’t had as many issues with other companies who implore 10 second swab collections of a person’s cheek. We prefer getting higher frequency swab  to better ensure there is enough genetic material when the sample is collected.

Now ,once you’re done with collecting the samples on one each side of your cheek you are going to take each cotton swab and place them in the envelope provided in the IDTO DNA Test kit.  It is also important to make sure you label each envelope accordingly.Then seal each envelope and place them in the return shipping envelope addressed to our lab that you receive from our facility.

There you have it. Pretty simple process,  if you should have any other questions in regards to the DNA paternity testing process please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 877 680 5800 and if found the information in the above video help please subscribe to our youtube channel. In the near future, IDTO will be producing more videos in regards to DNA paternity testing and all of the situations that one will may be forced to use a DNA test as an option to better help educate the public.

dna mouth swab

Are you the father?

A paternity test gives you the certainty that there is indeed a paternity relationship between you and the child tested.
In other words, if the child is not you, the results of your paternity test will inform you
with a guaranteed certainty of the results.
So you will get the answer to the question “I am the father?”

 What is a DNA paternity test:

A paternity test involves taking a small amount of DNA of 2 persons and then comparing the samples to determine the existence or not of a paternity relationship.
We must therefore make a DNA sample on 2 Those involved in the test.

A sample containing DNA, may be either

  • The cheapest: cotton swab to rub against the intèrieur cheek. (contained in our kit)
  • The more discreet: we can take DNA on hair, nails, toothbrushes, cotton swabs, tissue, cigarette …
  • The DNA sample is usually done by collecting saliva with a cotton swab, but can also be done more discreetly from the other items like hair, handkerchief …
  • The laboratory analysis the two DNA samples and scientifically determines whether there is a relationship of paternity.
  • If there is no paternity relationship, our tests can guarantee the 100%.
  • Finally, you will receive your results by email or mail.

Discreet paternity test:

You need to get tested discreetly?
We offer this optional service.
So we can do the test by taking the DNA on one of the following: nails, used toothbrushes, used cotton swabs , used tissue, cigarette butt … Please contact one of our specialist to learn more about forensic DNA tests. We can be reached at 877-680-5800.