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Grandparent DNA Test: What You Need To Know

When a biological father is unavailable to be tested to establish the paternity of a child. Using an alleged father’s biological parent or parents is an excellent option. This testing option is known as a Grandparent DNA Test. Below are options you may exercise based on your specific situation.

Legal DNA Test

Using a Grandparent DNA Test for legal purposes is an option at your disposal. The most commonly used legal circumstance this testing option has been used for is, proving the paternity of a child when an unmarried biological father is deceased and the mother is seeking to receive benefits for Social Security. This occurs when the father’s name has not been added to the child’s birth certificate before his death.

Please note, that all legal DNA results are admissible tests that can be used in court.

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DNA Grandparentage Test At Home (Peace of Mind)

This testing option differs from legal Grandparent DNA Testing because the results can not be used for any legal reason. Non-legal Home DNA Tests do not require a chain of custody to be established and the customer may collect their own DNA samples and ship the samples back to the laboratory using the prepaid envelope that is included with your Home DNA GrandparentTest Kit.

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