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Grandparent DNA Testing: What is it?

Are you a person attempting to prove a biological relationship between a Grandparent and Grandchild to establish paternity? Then a Grandparent DNA test is the best option for you.

Common uses for this DNA Testing option:

  • Curiosity
  • Inheritance
  • Social Security
  • Adoption

A Grandparent DNA test is most commonly used for the purposes of determining paternity. Although it can also be used to determine the biological relationship between a mother and child which is known as a maternity test if the mother is unavailable to be tested.

If you are trying to determine the paternity of a child and the alleged father is unavailable to be tested. The next best option would to perform a Grandparentage DNA test. We recommend that if both grandparents are available to be tested that you have them take the DNA test. In the event, only one grandparent is available DNA analysis of the samples can still be performed. This is called a Single Grandparent DNA Test.- We recommend you contact our office at 877-680-5800 to learn more about this option today.

How does a Grandparentage DNA test work?

The process is simple. First, contact IDTO at 877-680-5800 to coordinate an appointment or to order a DNA test kit. Please note, If are you utilizing the DNA result for any legal purpose. It is recommended have your sample collected by one of our experienced IDTO DNA sample collectors or an affiliate DNA collection facility. An unbiased third party DNA sample collection will help keep you compliant with your state’s standards for legal document submission for legal court cases.

Once your appointment and your samples are collected the samples will be shipped to the lab for analysis. The average turnaround time for results is 2-3 business days from the date in which the lab receives all of the collected DNA samples. 

Finally, once your result is completed. IDTO will mail out a copy of your DNA test result.

Can I collect my own samples to perform a Peace of Mind DNA Grandparent Test?

Yes. The DNA analysis is done the exact same way as a legal DNA test. Now, for the DNA test result, there is a difference. Legal DNA test results can be used for legal court cases and to decide inheritance. The legal result affords more usage of the document.

Peace of mind DNA test result can only be used for personal use only. Also, it is important to note, A Peace of Mind DNA test result will reflect that the document is not admissible for a legal purpose.

DNA Testing for New York State Residents

If you are a New York State resident please note all DNA tests performed by NYS residents must acquire one of the following instruments

  • A prescription referral from your personal doctor
  • A letter from a New York State licensed Attorney requesting a DNA relationship test
  • Or, An office action letter is received by you from a governmental agency such as USCIS, Passport Agency or a U.S. Embassy.

If you should have any questions please contact our office directly at 877-680-5800 to learn more.

The above-mentioned requirements are mandated by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH).

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