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Over the years, we have received many inquiries from alleged fathers and sometimes their loved ones regarding the confidentiality of a DNA Paternity Test. Today, we will explore what this means to have a Confidential Paternity Test.

A Paternity Test is a test that helps determine a biological relationship between an alleged father and a child. The most important factor for people to know who are considering performing this type of DNA Test is, all Paternity Tests are confidential. DNA Laboratories do not release DNA results without the consent of all parties involved with a Paternity Test case. The only other caveat where a lab may send a result to a third party without the client’s request is if the lab receives a court-order signed by a judge. 

So whether you performed an Immigration DNA Test, Legal Paternity Test or Home Paternity Test all DNA Testing options will remain confidential unless we are given specific instruction from you to mail your result to a third party.

Types of third party requests:

If you are faced with a specific situation where you are required to send a result to a third party. Here the most common circumstances most people are faced with. Having to perform a court-ordered DNA Test or, if you received a Request for Evidence to perform an Immigration DNA Test by USCIS office, Passport Agency or a U.S. Embassy.

If any the above-described is the case, your assigned DNA caseworker will explain to you in full detail on what you can expect from this process and how to properly handle your specific situation in order to remain compliant with any state or government office.

Where can I get my Paternity Test Done?

If you are a New Jersey resident and are in need of a Paternity Test please contact our office today at 877-680-5800 for appointments. Also, please do not forget to inquire about our Mobile DNA Sample Collections in New Jersey.