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What is paternity court?

Most people know Paternity Court as a TV show. Unfortunately, there no such thing as a Paternity Court per se. What is referred to as Paternity Court, Are paternity cases that are contested in a Family Court to help establish paternity.

How to get a court-ordered DNA Test?

Court-ordered DNA Testing is a product of a disagreement between an alleged father and mother. In order to bridge the differences many times, the mother or the alleged father will file with the courts a Paternity Petition.

Below are the people that have the ability to file for Paternity Petition with Family Court.

the child’s mother
a man who believes he is the father
the child or child’s guardian
the Department of Social Services if the child is getting public assistance

It is important to note, court-ordered DNA Tests normally pertain to unmarried couples.

Court Ordered DNA Test: Who pays for it?

Another aspect of court-ordered DNA Testing is the cost and, who may be responsible for paying for the DNA Test. In some cases, a Judge or Magistrate would determine if the petitioning party involved is financially capable of performing a DNA Test privately. In the event, the finances are an issue. The Judge or Magistrate will have a court-ordered DNA Test performed by a court-appointed laboratory. The fees are at a lower cost than a private DNA Testing company but, the cheaper cost does pose some challenges for one to consider. It also must be noted that you will be responsible for paying the price of the lower cost DNA Test.

Second, DNA Testing laboratories many times do not test on as many genetic markers. Therefore, fewer markers can offer an inaccurate result. Finally, the turnaround time for results by a court-appointed DNA Labs can range anywhere between 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer. All of these points should be taken into consideration if you are currently going through or about to go through this process.

Court-Ordered DNA Test Costs: Private DNA Testing

If you decide to pay for a DNA Test privately. The turnaround time for your results is 2-3 business days. We perform DNA Tests on 21 genetic markers as opposed to the court assigned DNA Labs usually test on a range of 10-15 genetic markers. The price for a DNA Test with an alleged father and child starts at $325.00. All of these points should be taken into consideration if you are currently going through or about to go through this process.

Can I refuse a court-ordered paternity test?

If an alleged father receives a court-order and does respond to the court order. The alleged father may be held in contempt of court by the Judge or run the risk of a fine and/or jail time.

Can a mother refuse a court-ordered DNA test?

If a mother decides not to cooperate with a Judge or Magistrate’s request for DNA testing. The mother may run the risk of being held in contempt of court. Now, if the mother can provide a plausible reason for refusing to allow the child to perform a DNA test and the Judge accepts her request. Then the DNA test can be avoided.

Are court-ordered paternity tests free?

No. As we understand it. If the parties involved are unable at the time a court-ordered paternity test requested. Most states will pay the cost of the DNA test. But, the state most is reimbursed. We recommend seeking a family law professional in your state to inquire about free DNA testing is available.

If you would like to coordinate your DNA Testing appointment today or have questions about court-ordered DNA Testing please contact IDTO at 877-680-5800.


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