DNA Testing In Jamaica For
Immigration Purposes

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DNA Testing in Jamaica for Immigrant Families

IDTO DNA Paternity Testing Center helps assist Jamaican families who have family members trying to immigrate to the U.S. and, need to provide additional proof of a biological relationship to immigration. Below are is a brief overview of what your family expect when going through the Paternity testing process for immigration purposes.  

How the process works:

Here is what you can expect from the Immigration DNA Testing in Jamaica process.

  1. The petitioner will receive a letter or email from USCIS, Embassy or Passport Agency requesting your family to provide additional proof of a biological relationship.
  2.  After receipt of your request letter, You may contact our office to learn about DNA sample collection appointments at 877-680-5800.
  3. All DNA tests for immigration purposes are under the strict direction and supervision of an AABB Accredited Laboratory to ensure the proper legal chain of custody testing is performed. To learn more about our relationship testing services please call 877-680-5800.
  4. Once your samples are collected and arrive at the DNA lab. The laboratory will ship a DNA kit to the Embassy in your country on your family’s behalf.
  5. Embassies are responsible for coordinating DNA sample collections abroad. 
  6. After your family members’ samples are collected, they will be shipped back to the laboratory.
  7.  Once all samples arrive at the laboratory they will be analyzed and a copy of the completed DNA result will be sent to the requesting immigration office. A copy will be also sent to the petitioner.

Frequently Asked Questions

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