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DNA Testing In Two Different Countries

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Have you ever wondered how paternity testing works if the child lives in another country? If so, In this post I will explain the two options people who require DNA Testing in two different countries have at their disposal. I also will explain the process you can expect to experience from each option.

DNA Testing for Immigration purposes:

Immigration DNA testing process when you have a family member who lives abroad works as follows.

1. The petitioner must receive a request for Evidence Letter with the suggestion to perform a genetic test. One of the letters you may receive is the i 130 letter from a USCIS or request for evidence on an Embassy letter on the Embassy’s letterhead or, An email from the U.S. Embassy.

2. Upon receipt contact IDTO DNA Testing Center and allow one of our knowledgeable Relationship testing consultants to assist you with coordinating an appointment for the party here in the U.S.

3. Once the petitioner’s sample is collected the AABB Accredited Parentage Laboratory will be responsible for shipping a sample collection kit and request letter to perform a sample collection for your family members (beneficiary).

Please note, the once the kit arrives at the U.S. Embassy. The Embassy is responsible for coordinating your family members DNA sample collection.

4. Once the beneficiary’s sample has been collected. The samples will be shipped back to the AABB Accredited Paternity Testing Laboratory for genetic analysis.

5. When the samples arrive at the laboratory. The Paternity testing process will begin. Analyzation of your genetic samples has a turnaround time of 2-3 business days from the date of receipt of your genetic samples at the lab.

If you require immigration DNA relationship testing services. Please contact our office today for a free phone consultation at 877-680-5800 or 347-735-5490.

DNA Testing For Personal Reasons:

The second reason a person may want to perform a paternity test or some other form of relationship test is for peace of mind. If this is you, Here is the best way to handle this process.

1. Contact IDTO and allow one of our knowledgeable DNA  Relationship Testing Consultants walk you through the process.

2. The party that lives in U.S. will have their sample collected here in the U.S. by a professional DNA sample collector or, they can collect the DNA sample themselves.

3. For the party that lives abroad, IDTO DNA Paternity Testing Center can ship a DNA Paternity test kit to a doctor or the home of the party abroad. Another option is if the party that resides in the U.S. is traveling abroad he or she can collect the party abroad’s sample and ship the samples back to the laboratory.

It is important to note. If you are a New York State resident. Please note, the above-explained options do not pertain to New York State residents. NYS resident must obtain one of the following instruments.

1. A prescription from an NYS licensed physician

2. A letter requesting a Paternity Test from NYS licensed attorney.

3. A court-order from NYS judge.

4. Finally, A Request for Evidence letter mentioned earlier in this post from an Embassy, Passport Agency or, USCIS.

For more information regarding your specific situation please contact IDTO Paternity Testing Center today at 877-680-5800 or 347-735-5490.

paternity test near me
paternity test near me

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