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IDTO DNA test services


IDTO DNA Testing Ridgewood, NJ mainly specializes in Immigration DNA, Paternity test, Maternity and Grand Parent DNA Testing services just to name a few. We have provided DNA  Testing services locally in New York and worldwide.

We provide well over one thousand and six hundred DNA patient service centers (collection sites) within the United States and we service more than one hundred and eight countries around the world. If you are in need of DNA testing services please feel free to contact our office today to schedule a DNA Test in Ridgewood NJ today at 973-718-4515.

What is a DNA Test?

IDTO’s DNA test is a painless non-invasive procedure which basically takes less than twenty minutes. Most DNA Samples are collected by buccal swab. Blood sample collections are available. IDTO’s Ridgewood NJ DNA testing services.

Important Paternity Testing Fact

According to the American Association of the Blood Banks report. The study states, that about thirty percent of the DNA Paternity tests conducted of 354,000 men tested for a paternity test in the year 2003 were found not to be the biological fathers of the given children.

We mainly specialize in the following services:

Legal Paternity testing

Our test results for the paternity testing have been acceptable in any court of law in U.S. The court-ordered DNA test is mainly done for legal purposes such as divorce, child custody, real estate cases, inheritance, child support, birth certificate among others. To get a Legal DNA Test in Newark, NJ today. Please call today at 973-718-4515.

Peace of mind or Personal Knowledge Paternity Test

Is a DNA Test that is similar to the legal DNA Paternity Test with one main difference. This test can not be used for legal purposes. As the title states, this test is for personal and informational purposes.To get a Personal DNA Test in Newark, NJ today. Please call today at 973-718-4515.

Immigration DNA test

Is a DNA Test that allows family’s the opportunity to submit evidence to prove a biological relationship between two or more family members. In order to partake in this type of testing. Your family must receive a Request for Evidence (RFE) for either USCIS, U.S. Embassy, U.S. Consulate or Passport Agency.

The process for Newark, NJ residents can range from 2-3 business days to 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer. The timeframes will be determined by the location of all parties involved in your family’s DNA Testing request. All DNA Tests must be performed by an American Association of Blood Banks Accredited Laboratory (AABB). To get an Immigration DNA Test in Newark, NJ today. Please call today at 973-718-4515.