How To Tell Who The Father Is Without A Paternity Test?

how to tell who the father is without a paternity test

Is it possible to determine paternity of a child without a paternity test?

It is possible to determine the probability of paternity by performing a family reconstruction DNA test. For example, performing a DNA test with an alleged father’s biological parents is considered the strongest option if the alleged father is unavailable. This grandparent DNA testing option requires one or both grandparents to be tested with the alleged grandchild.

Another option would be performing a sibling DNA test if the alleged father has more than one child with a different woman. The specific name of this DNA testing option is a Half Sibling DNA test. It is important to note that it is recommended that at least one of the mothers partake in the sibling DNA test. Having the mother involved with the DNA test increases the accuracy of the result.

The third option used is known as an Avuncular DNA test. This testing option is between an aunt or uncle with an alleged niece or nephew. This option can be used only if the alleged father has a sibling. It is recommended that the mother participates in this testing option to help increase the accuracy of the DNA test.

Please keep in mind the above mention options to help determine the paternity of a child are normally not an acceptable option for child support cases or birth certificate name changes. We do recommend that you inquire with the necessary state offices in your state to discuss alternative options if any accepted by your state.

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Are there other ways of determining paternity without the father?

Yes. But this option does not have the same accuracy as a DNA test. Using the blood typing method is another method that could be used but only to exclude who the father is. Blood typing cannot be used to determine the paternity of a child.

There are many other belief systems that people have subscribed to over the years like looking at facial features and eye color to determine whether an alleged father is the biological father of a child. These options are not based on scientific fact, therefore, can not be used as a method of determining the paternity of a child legally. This is especially true when having to provide proof of the biological relationship between a father and child to governmental agencies.


Performing a DNA test without the father is possible to help determine a biological relationship can be performed by using one of the family reconstruction DNA testing options. If you require this service please do not hesitate to contact our office today at 877-680-5800 to get started today.