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Getting a paternity test performed is now simpler than ever. IDTO provides a fast, accurate and affordable DNA Testing service which is aimed at providing high-quality service.

IDTO DNA Testing Experts also takes pride in being able to communicate to customers at the highest level. What this basically means is, we are dedicated to making sure that each customer fully understands how the process of DNA Testing works for their specific situation.

What are Paternity Test Tuesdays?

IDTO’s Paternity Test Tuesdays is an opportunity to give back to the communities we have serviced for over 10yrs. Below is our discount button. Please click the button below to discounted price for a paternity test scheduled on any Tuesday.


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Please make sure you mention the code below to receive a discount on your purchase of any DNA Paternity Test service.

paternity test tuesday

To schedule your appointment or to ask questions regarding our process please, do not hesitate to contact me at 877-680-5800.

Frequently Most Asked Questions:

How are the samples collected?

Samples are collected by buccal swab but, blood samples can be used by request. Please note, blood samples DNA Tests are more expensive.

Is Blood DNA Test more accurate than Swab DNA Tests?

No. your entire body has the same DNA. Here is the biggest advantage to using buccal swabs to collect samples versus and blood samples. Buccal swabs are less intimidating and much easier to acquire the sample. Besides, using a needle may increase the chance of having an uncomfortable sample collection.

How Long Does A Paternity Test Take?

Paternity tests have 2-3 day turnaround time from time in which our lab receives all of the samples.

Will the discount apply for any other day of the week?

No. Only on a Tuesday.

Do I need the alleged father to perform a paternity test?

It would be advantageous to incorporate the alleged father with the process but, if this is not possible. What we recommend is possibly performing a forensic DNA Test. A Forensic DNA Test will allow you to use an item from the alleged father like cigar bud, licked envelope or q-tips to name a few. Using some of the suggested items will help you perform a paternity test without the father’s knowledge.

To learn more about the paternity testing process or to ask questions about your specific situation please, do not hesitate to contact IDTO at 877-680-5800.