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What is an immigration DNA test?

A DNA test for immigration purposes is a genetic test that is optional to help prove a biological relationship in the absence of sufficient primary evidence.

Can immigration ask for DNA test?

Yes. Immigration (USCIS or Embassy) will provide the petitioner a voluntary option to perform a DNA test when additional evidence needed to acquire a U.S. passport, Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) or an immigrant visa.

The petitioner will receive an office action (I-130 Request For Evidence) from USCIS that provide your family an option to use DNA testing for evidence submission.

When is DNA test required for immigration?

DNA testing is voluntary and not a requirement. It should be noted that genetic testing should be performed when the petitioner receives an a Request for Evidence document from either USCIS or a U.S. Embassy.

Performing a DNA test prior to receiving an RFE document may not be accepted by the requesting immigration office.

AABB accredited DNA testing labs results:

All DNA testing services are under the strict supervision of our partner AABB accredited DNA testing labs.

U.S. Embassy DNA Testing procedure explained?

Below is the process for US Embassy DNA Testing for immigration purposes is as follows.

Step 1: Contact IDTO at 877-680-5800 and we will assist you by connecting you with our partner AABB Accredited Laboratory to help initiate the process.

The sample collection appointments abroad generally must occur at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the country in which your family member/s currently reside. If the petitioner who is normally a U.S. citizen parent, child, or sibling must be collected and tested in the United States the parent is under the supervision of an AABB Accredited Parentage Laboratory.

Step 2: For the petitioner’s DNA Sample Collection in the United States Parent/s (child or sibling) will not be able to perform or use a home DNA test kit. As stated earlier, all DNA tests must be performed by an AABB Accredited Lab in order for a U.S. Embassy Consular Officer or USCIS official to consider your DNA test result as evidence.

At your appointment, a buccal swab collection is a required choice for collecting genetic DNA samples. After the sample is collected it will be shipped to the laboratory. Once the petitioner’s samples arrive at the lab. The lab will prepare the shipment of the DNA test kit going to the U.S. Embassy where the beneficiary is currently located.

As a reminder, Under no circumstances should you receive the DNA test kit for yourself, your child, or other relative and ship the test kit to the Embassy. Our partner testing laboratory will be responsible for the shipment of the DNA test kit going to the Embassy. The kit will also have a prepaid return envelope that will be returned back to once the beneficiary’s samples have been collected.

Step 3. After the samples have been collected abroad and shipped back to the lab. The lab will begin the testing of all the genetic samples involved with your DNA test. The average turnaround time for the completion of your result is 2 to 3 business days from the date on which the lab received all samples. The lab will be responsible for shipping your result to the U.S. Embassy and a copy of your result will be mailed to your home.

If you would like to learn more about the US Embassy’s Immigration DNA Testing process or to schedule an appointment. Contact our office today at 877-680-5800 to get started.

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USCIS DNA Testing procedure explained?

Below is the protocol for USCIS DNA Testing for immigration purposes.

Step 1

First, The petitioner will receive a letter or email from United States Immigration Services (USCIS),  Embassy, or Passport Agency requesting your family to provide additional secondary to prove a biological relationship.

Step 2

After receipt of your request letter, You may contact our office to learn about Relationship Testing and sample collection services at 877-680-5800.

All Parentage tests for USCIS evidence submission purposes are under the strict direction of our partner AABB Accredited Laboratory to ensure the proper legal chain of custody testing is performed. To learn more about our relationship testing services please call 877-680-5800.

Step 3

Once your samples are collected and arrive at the lab. The laboratory will ship a DNA sample collection kit to the Embassy in your country on your family’s behalf.

Step 4

Embassies are responsible for coordinating DNA sample collections abroad.

Step 5

After your family members’ samples are collected, they will be shipped back to the AABB Accredited Laboratory.

Step 6

Once all samples arrive at the laboratory they will be analyzed and a copy of the completed relationship result will be sent to the requesting USCIS office. A copy will be mailed out to the petitioner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does immigration DNA test take?

Immigration DNA test results are completed within 2 to 3 business days from the date the lab receives all genetic samples.

Please keep in mind the turnaround does not include the process of DNA sample collection for the beneficiary for international testing cases.

How much does Immigration DNA testing cost?

The cost for DNA immigration DNA testing starts at $495.00 and up.

What method will be used to collect my DNA samples?

The most common method used to collect genetic samples is by buccal cheek swabs. Blood sample collection is another effective method that can be used but it is not the preferred method for collections for immigration Request For Evidence cases.

Please note, International genetic sample collections performed by a consulate will be performed using a cotton swab. The swab will be placed inside the mouth and brushed against the cheek of the beneficiary.

Is RFE I-130 DNA Testing a requirement?

No, I-130 DNA testing is not a requirement. In the office action received by the petitioner, the document states that DNA testing is voluntary.