New York City DNA Testing Center Service

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IDTO offers NYC DNA Testing services since 2004. We are the go-to choice to establish the paternity between a father and child by both medical and legal professionals.

All DNA Tests we provide are performed with a partner accredited AABB DNA Testing laboratory. This ensures your results will be recognized by Family Court Judges for child support, Immigration offices, Social Security, etc. If you would like to schedule a relationship DNA test in New York please contact our office today at 347-735-5490 for more information.

Testing Requirements:

It should be noted that New York state residents are required to provide one of the following documents listed below.

  1. A court order from a Judge requesting a paternity test be performed
  2. A doctor authorization/prescription referral requesting a DNA test be performed for person involved with your DNA test.
  3. A letter from NYS licensed Family Law Attorney requesting a DNA test.

Getting Started

To schedule a paternity test or another related DNA test IN NYC. Contact our office today at 347-735-5490.


Immigration DNA Testing in New York services we provide is performed with a partner AABB Accredited DNA Lab.


Grandparent Testing helps to determine a biological relationship between a Grandparent/s and an alleged grandchild.


New York paternity testing services we provide help to determine the paternity between an alleged father and child/children. Results are recognized by Family Courts for Child Support, Social Security birth certificate name changes etc.


New York maternity testing services we provide help to determine if a mother and a child/children. The results we offer can be used for Adoption, Immigration, etc.


Sibling Testing helps to determine if two alleged biological siblings share a common parent.


An Avuncular Test determines the likelihood that an alleged aunt/uncle is related to a niece or nephew.

Locations We Service

IDTO provides in-office and mobile DNA sample collection services throughout the five boroughs. All of our DNA collectors have a combined over 30 years of combined DNA sample collection experience. If you do not see your city listed contact our office at 347-735-5490.

  • Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
  • Long Island
  • Buffalo

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does paternity testing cost in NY?

IDTO DNA paternity Testing NYC services start at $350.00 and up.

How can I get a DNA Test in Manhattan NY?

If you live in Manhattan or any of the five boroughs and need a DNA Test. We have an easy-to-get location in Manhattan at 315 Madison Ave 3rd Flr NY NY 10017 Contact our office today at 347-735-5490 to get started.

When will I receive my DNA results in New York?

When will I receive my DNA testing results? The average turnaround time to receive paternity testing results is 2 to 3 busing days from the date the lab receives all genetic samples.

After your results a copy of your results will be mailed to your home. To learn more about our testing process contact our office at 347-735-5490 for an appointment.

How much does an DNA Immigration test cost in NYC?

The starting cost for immigration testing begins at $475.00 and up.

Does IDTO offer a non-invasive prenatal paternity test in NYC?

Currently, IDTO DNA testing NYC services do not offer Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity (NIPP) Testing Services.

Although we do not offer NIPP testing, we can perform a DNA test with a newborn baby shortly after birth.

Can I perform a Home Paternity test?

Yes. Our Home DNA paternity testing service we provide requires one of our DNA sample collection technicians to travel to your home to collect your DNA samples.

Please note, our mobile DNA testing service cannot be used for immigration DNA testing. Immigration DNA tests can only be performed in-office. Home paternity tests are the standard legal chain of custody

Can my DNA test results be used to establish paternity in court?

Yes. A legal paternity test result can be used to establish the paternity of a child in Family court.