Best Options For IVF Mix-Up Prevention


There are many things for families going through the immigration process need to ponder, but there is one thing that some couples will have to add to their list when petitioning for their child. What I am referring to is In-Vitro Fertilization Treatment aka IVF Treatment.

How can IVF affect your family’s ability to obtain a visa? Simple. If a couple is unable to conceive and they decide to go through the IVF Treatment, there is a small possibility that a mix up may happen. Although, there is not a high risk of these mixups, they do occur.

Recently, IDTO helped an alleged father who filed a petition for his wife and child who resided in Nigeria. Once the embassy decided to give this couple the option to prove their biological relationship with their child. The family contacted IDTO, and we began the process of assisting the couple their DNA Relationship Testing needs. After several months, the results came back and what we found was a bit surprising. The results showed both parents were found not to be the biological parents of their child.

Upon explaining our results to the alleged father, he preceded to say, that he and his wife went through IVF Treatment to conceive. He also stated that the IVF lab must have made an error because they were supposed to use his sperm and his wife’s egg. Unfortunately, this is not what happen according to the alleged father, and now this couple’s family dynamic has changed forever. This is why it will be pertinent for couples who are considering IVF Treatment to research the facilities they are considering and question them about their mix-up prevention process.

What Can Couples Do To Prevent IVF Treatment Mix-ups?

There are two things we can suggest to couples to help prevent IVF mix-ups. The first thing would be to inquire with the IVF lab of your choice about Sperm and Egg Barcoding. What this process entails is the barcoding of the Sperm and Egg immediately. Although this is not a full proof process. It does lessen the chances of an error occurring by having your sperm and egg barcoded. Currently, this is a process used in quite a few IVF clinics in Spain.

paternity testing know before they grow

The second thing a couple should heavily consider is DNA Testing. Choosing a DNA Test probably would be your best option. This way couples can be reassured that the child they conceived is actually their own.

It was unfortunate for the couple who was not able to acquire a visa for their child because of this IVF mix-up but, it is important for couples to think about the long-term future of their family dynamic by making sure the child they conceived is biologically theirs regardless of what country they reside in.

If you are a couple who has given birth to a child through the IVF Treatment process, and you would like to have some reassurance about your biological relationship with your child, please contact IDTO today at 877-680-5800 and allow one of our DNA Testing Experts assist you.

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