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Paternity Test After Birth - How Soon?

how long does a paternity test take

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding paternity testing is, How soon can I perform a DNA Paternity Test after my child is born? Most people believe that you have to wait months for a child to age in order to perform a paternity test.

Well, the truth of the matter is, you can perform a paternity test a day or two after the birth of a child. Below is a list of things you will have to do to successfully perform a paternity.

1. Decide where the DNA sample collection will take place. Will you perform the DNA at the hospital, at your home or, Do you want to travel to a DNA sample collection site to have your samples collected.

2. If you decide to have the child’s samples collected at the hospital. This is what you will need to do. First, ask the head nurse what the protocol is to allow a DNA sample collector to collect the child’s DNA sample.

Second, contact IDTO at 877-680-5800 to inquire about mobile DNA testing services in your services.

3. If you decide to wait until the child comes home and you want an at-home DNA Paternity Test. Please contact our office at 877-680-5800 to inquire about our mobile DNA testing service coverage in your city.

Finally, if you would like to travel to an office location please contact our at 877-680-5800 to inquire about setting up an appointment in your city.

Can you I perform a paternity test after I sign a birth certificate?

The mother and alleged father do not sign a birth certificate at the hospital. What the parent’s sign is a Paternity Acknowledgement Form. Once the form is completed, the form will be sent to Vital Records and the information will be placed on the child’s birth certificate.

Can breast milk affect a DNA test?

When it comes to a newborn child’s DNA sample being collected. We recommend to our clients who breastfeeding their children to breastfeed a minimum of an hour and a half before the child’s DNA sample is to be collected. It is important to make sure to rinse the child’s mouth before the sample collection with water.

Can breast milk affect a DNA test result? Yes. Technically breast milk can and often does ADD  the DNA profile of the mother. Breast milk is very healthy for the child for many reasons as it contains many helpful factors to protect the baby from infections, disease, etc.  There are also cells from the mother in the milk and when you swab the child you will pick up some of those cells during the DNA testing process.

Please note, breast milk will not affect a blood DNA sample collection. Buccal swab collections of a are the only method of a baby that run the risk of being affected. 

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